FREE #Sewing Tutorial Shows You How to Make an #EasySew Halter Dress for #Dolls @

Here’s my latest tutorial, showing you how to make the summer halter dress that I showed you in Monday’s post. Download the pattern on this page, where you can find a zillion other patterns designed by me, Chelly Wood. Each one has a matching tutorial. Fun, huh?

And if you’re wondering why I offer so many great patterns and tutorials for free, please visit this page.

2 thoughts on “FREE #Sewing Tutorial Shows You How to Make an #EasySew Halter Dress for #Dolls @

  1. Thank You so very much Chelly! It has been a while since I sewed anything, so I thought I should start with this dress for my grand daughter’s Barbie. I found the tutorial very helpful, because I had to go back and check to see if I was doing it right. I used purple tulle from a florist bouquet that I took out of the garbage and a scrap of pink shiny poly . Believe it or not the bodice top was from a glittery rough material that I took off an unused sponge !

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