Pattern segments for making a cavalier-style hat and boots to fit 11.5 inch dolls like Ken, Barbie, or possibly GI Joe.

Make a #CavalierHat for an 11.5-inch #FashionDoll w/ FREE Printable #Sewing Pattern @

Here’s my pattern for the cavalier hat and boots that Texas A&M Ken doll will be wearing in my stop-motion video of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. You’re welcome to download, print, and use any of my free patterns, but please show your gratitude by sharing the pattern with others: tweet about it, pin it on your Pinterest page, download and share it on Facebook, or … Continue reading Make a #CavalierHat for an 11.5-inch #FashionDoll w/ FREE Printable #Sewing Pattern @

Image of articulated Ken doll dressed in Cavalier hat, boots, doublet, and bi-colored trousers. Sleeves have laced arms.

Make a #Cavalier Costume for Your Ken Doll @ #DollClothes #DollMaking

I’m wrapping up my Romeo and Juliet posts with a feature on Romeo’s costume this week. As my regular followers know, I’m making a stop-motion film of Romeo and Juliet, using dolls as the actors. My Texas A&M Ken will be playing Romeo, and for him, I’ve designed a romantic cavalier costume, as shown below. This week’s posts will include a brand new pattern for … Continue reading Make a #Cavalier Costume for Your Ken Doll @ #DollClothes #DollMaking

Image of Momoko BJD in a beautiful lace and floral wedding dress with overlay of text stating "Sew a dress for Pullip, Blythe, or Momoko dolls"

#SewingTutorial Make a #Wedding Gown for Your #MomokoDoll (free pattern @ )

Here’s my latest tutorial, showing you how to make Juliet’s wedding dress. These patterns fit Momoko, Blythe, and Pullip dolls, and the patterns themselves are free to download and print on my Doll Clothes Patterns page (just scroll down to find the Momoko Patterns section). Just a couple more things to note: when you print my patterns, it’s always friendly and kind to like it on FB, tweet … Continue reading #SewingTutorial Make a #Wedding Gown for Your #MomokoDoll (free pattern @ )