The image shows Kaya, the 18-inch American Girl doll wearing a handmade felt shirt. The overlay on this youtube header says "easy felt shirt" and offers the free printable doll clothes sewing pattern website as the URL for finding this youtube tutorial video. The website offers lots of free patterns for 18 inch doll clothes.

Today we’re #sewing a #felt shirt for #18inchDolls w/free pattern @

Here we have the tutorial video showing how to sew a very basic felt shirt for 18 inch dolls (46 cm dolls) like American Girl dolls and Madame Alexander dolls. Yesterday I posted the free pattern that accompanies this video, but for your convenience, I’m re-posting it right here: Free printable sewing pattern for basic felt summer top for 18-inch (46 cm) dolls If you’re … Continue reading Today we’re #sewing a #felt shirt for #18inchDolls w/free pattern @

Image shows a tiny Chelsea doll wearing a ball gown and black felt jacket. Overlay says, "Easy-sew projects for kids: how to alter a felt jacket for small dolls."

How to Make Simple #Sewing Alterations for #Felt #DollClothes

As part of my “Easy-Sew Projects for Kids” series, I thought it would be a good idea to teach my beginning sewists that patterns can be altered. We call this “alterations” in official sewing terminology. This video demonstrates that an alteration can be as easy as snipping away extra felt from a little doll coat. Of course, when working with fabric, it’s not usually that … Continue reading How to Make Simple #Sewing Alterations for #Felt #DollClothes

Image of Teresa Barbie doll dressed in elegant blue halter style ball gown with overlay: "Sew this easy halter-style dress for fashion dolls... With Free Printable Sewing Pattern

FREE #Sewing Tutorial Shows You How to Make an #EasySew Halter Dress for #Dolls @

Here’s my latest tutorial, showing you how to make the summer halter dress that I showed you in Monday’s post. Download the pattern on this page, where you can find a zillion other patterns designed by me, Chelly Wood. Each one has a matching tutorial. Fun, huh? And if you’re wondering why I offer so many great patterns and tutorials for free, please visit this … Continue reading FREE #Sewing Tutorial Shows You How to Make an #EasySew Halter Dress for #Dolls @