#ShoutOut to @FroggyStuff Who Inspires #Creativity in #Doll Lovers Everywhere

Froggy’s logo used with permission.

In case you haven’t heard, Froggy, who blogs, tweets, and vlogs about Barbies, Breyer Horses, and other toys is an inspiration to doll and model horse lovers everywhere. Her YouTube channel, My Froggy Stuff, offers tutorials on everything from making doll waffles to creating a stable for your Breyer horses.

Froggy’s blog, also called My Froggy Stuff, offers free printable patterns for making all kinds of miniatures for dolls and dollhouses. Her blog hosts “The Darby Show,” and she even takes requests. One of her website’s tabs says, “What Vids Do You Want to See?” So you can actually send her a request for your how-to tutorials.

I’m an English teacher and author, so I really notice and have an appreciation for bloggers who write well. Froggy’s articles are top-notch, with helpful tips and useful information for both children and adults who love dolls.

Her Etsy Store, Froggy Stuff, is currently offering American Girl Doll clothes at very reasonable prices. And why not buy from Froggy? She’s a celebrity, after all!

She has another blog, called My Froggy Boy, which shows you how to make preschool crafts, reviews toys that are currently on the market, and encourages kids’ and her own daughter not only playing with her toys but also participate in science projects.

Her latest video on her My Froggy Stuff YouTube channel gives you the low-down on BreyerFest 2015. Since my daughter, Emily Teapot, is a big fan of Breyer Horses, I thought it was high time I give a big shoutout to my hero, Froggy! It doesn’t get more fabsome than her!

If you love Froggy, please leave a comment with a link to your favorite Froggy video!

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    1. Yes! I see yours is for American Girl dolls. I sometimes sew for them as well, so watch for my patterns on ChellyWood.com. I recently designed a traditional Swedish costume for AG dolls. I plan to post those patterns and tutorials in the coming months.

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