Make a Summer Halter Dress for #Barbies, #MomokoDoll, and Other #FashionDolls

Here’s the dress I’ll be making on my blog this week:

Image of "Teresa" style Barbie doll dressed in handmade blue gown with gold designs. It's in a halter-style with a ribbon that attaches the bodice around the neck. At the bottom of the image it says, " free tutorials, doll clothes patterns, and more."
Visit to find lots of free, printable doll clothes patterns like this summer halter dress that fits Barbies, Momoko dolls, Blythe, Pullip, and other fashion dolls.

I designed this dress for my cousin’s granddaughter, Noelle. It’s one of the easiest sewing patterns a person can make for fashion dolls like Barbie, Pullip, Momoko, etc., and this week I’ll offer my free pattern, plus my tutorial showing you exactly how to make one for yourself.

All of my patterns are free to print on this page, and if you’re wondering why I offer so many great patterns and tutorials for free, please visit this page.

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