My #Doll Chair #Craft Pattern Was Featured in Designer Dolls #Magazine!

This week I’m going to feature some of my miniatures and crafts, in celebration, since Designer Dolls Magazine‘s featured a story on my doll chair pattern! It even got a mention on the cover of the magazine! Woot!

So to start, I’ll offer up this lovely picture of my dolls seated in and near the same chairs that appear in the magazine article. Tomorrow I’ll post the pattern for the chair. Wednesday, you can see my tutorial, showing how to make it. Thursday I’ll give you a brand new tutorial that shows you how to make a circular table for your Barbie diorama. And Friday… well, let’s see what I can come up with on Friday.

Without further ado, here’s the chair I’ll be featuring this week on my blog:

Image of Ken doll dressed as prince and Barbie doll dressed as a lady in waiting. Patterns available from
Image: Ken and Barbie on the set of my upcoming YouTube production of Romeo and Juliet.

Special thanks to Karen Carson-McGuire, Designer Dolls Magazine‘s editor, for featuring my doll chair pattern and article. She’s very courteous and businesslike. It was fun working with her on the publication of this article and pattern. 🙂

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