#Sew a #Prince Costume for Ken Dolls

This week I’ll be sharing my patterns and video tutorial, teaching you how to sew a handsome prince costume for your Ken or Ryan doll. This is the pattern I created, and it’s brand new, hot off the presses! (I just finished making this costume last week.) It won’t be long now, and I’ll get filming underway for my Barbie/Momoko version of Romeo and Juliet.

Just remember a few things about my patterns:

  • All patterns are available on this page.
  • My patterns are free, but it’s nice if you show your appreciation by liking, tweeting, pinning, or sharing in some other way.
  • When you download and print, make sure the pattern is enlarged to fit on an 8.5 x 11 -inch piece of computer paper (that’s 216 x 279 mm) before you print.

And here’s this week’s free, printable pattern for a prince tunic with slashed sleeves:

Image of a royal tunic pattern for Ken doll
Please show your appreciation by liking, pinning, tweeting, or otherwise sharing this free pattern. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “#Sew a #Prince Costume for Ken Dolls

  1. Hi     I love your barbie and ken patterns and I have 7 granddaughters that want me to make them doll clothes but I can’t figure out how to get your patterns full sized to print out and use them.   I have tried everything and they still print out tiny.   can you help me?   I would like to print out the prince costume for ken,       Also, can you tell me if barbie is bigger now?   I have a lot of old patterns from when my daughter was little, and someone told me those patterns won’t fit the new barbies now???    I have a lot of nice patterns.     I didn’t do too good in the old days sewing, but I think I can do better now.  LOLLOL     Rachel 

    1. Hi Rachel, I’m glad you like my patterns! You can always send me a message via e-mail (just use the “Submit a Question” button), and I’d be happy to mail my patterns to you. I also have a Pinterest page, where you can access all of my patterns. They may be easier to print through that venue. It also helps if you’re using Microsoft Word or a similar, compatible program. You can copy/paste the image into Word before enlarging it to fit the page.

      I scan my patterns and use Microsoft Paint (a fairly universal program) to add labels and instructions on each pattern.

      Is anyone else having problems? Let me know. I want my patterns to be easily accessible!

      As far as your Barbie patterns go, the old Barbies are bigger in the bust and smaller in the waist by just a bit. The trick is to constantly try the patterns on the dolls themselves, as you sew. That way you can make the clothes fit to the doll who needs to wear it.

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