Image of Momoko doll dressed in white standing next to Ryan doll (Ken) dressed in Navy and gold Renaissance tunic.

Ryan Doll to Play #ThePrince in #RomeoAndJuliet #StopMotion Film

As you can see, this is the same pattern that I posted for Lord Montague on Tuesday, June 9th. So once again, use this pattern for the tunic, this pattern for the pants and follow the tutorials on my YouTube channel that match each pattern. I hate to post all over again, but I’m trying to highlight each member of the Romeo and Juliet cast … Continue reading Ryan Doll to Play #ThePrince in #RomeoAndJuliet #StopMotion Film

Image of a royal tunic pattern for Ken doll

#Sew a #Prince Costume for Ken Dolls

This week I’ll be sharing my patterns and video tutorial, teaching you how to sew a handsome prince costume for your Ken or Ryan doll. This is the pattern I created, and it’s brand new, hot off the presses! (I just finished making this costume last week.) It won’t be long now, and I’ll get filming underway for my Barbie/Momoko version of Romeo and Juliet. … Continue reading #Sew a #Prince Costume for Ken Dolls