Can you imagine #PrinceHarry in this #royals’ garb?

As you know, I’m working on an upcoming Barbie/Ken/Momoko stop-motion video of Romeo and Juliet for my YouTube channel. Just last week, I made the costume for the prince (the guy who stops the fighting in Act 1 and eventually banishes Romeo).  I took a few shots of him with Momoko, and they were very popular on my Pinterest and Facebook pages, so that’s promising.

But can you imagine Prince Harry or one of the other royals in this slashed-sleeve tunic? I’d like to see them all dressed up in Renaissance garb!

For now, I’ll have to settle for this little dude all dressed up and ready to go to town. Tomorrow I’ll post the pattern, and then Thursday I’ll offer up my how-to video. That way all my followers can dress up their Prince Harrys too!

Image of Momoko doll dressed in white standing next to Ryan doll (Ken) dressed in Navy and gold Renaissance tunic.
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