#Lebanese Traditional Costume #Sewing Pattern for #BarbieDolls Soon to Be Posted

Some of my Facebook followers have requested that I post my Lebanese traditional costume patterns for Barbie dolls, but I’m still trying to get all of my Romeo and Juliet costumes posted, and I have finals to grade in the coming week. So please come back to visit this site, where I promise I will eventually post my Lebanese traditional Barbie costume’s patterns.

Meanwhile, I’m going to leave you hanging, with this very lovely image of the costume in question. If you like it and want to see the patterns, please leave a comment, pin it to Pinterest, tweet about it, and/or “like” it on Facebook. The more requests I get for this particular costume’s pattern, the more likely I am to get it posted in the very near future.

Image of Black Barbie wearing traditional Lebanese costume with headdress.
Please “like,” tweet about, or pin this image to let people know there will be free patterns to download, so anyone can sew this costume.

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