Image shows a free, printable sewing pattern for a fashion doll wedding gown skirt, petticoat, and overlay. This pattern is designed to fit Barbie, Liv Dolls, and other 11.5 inch fashion dolls of a similar shape and size. On the pattern itself, the "Creative Commons Attribution" symbol is displayed, indicating that the pattern is free for people to use, as long as they tell people where the pattern came from. The pattern is stamped with the watermark for the following website:

FREE Wedding Gown #Patterns for Barbie #Dolls @

Yesterday I gave you the pattern for the one-shoulder bodice on this week’s wedding dress sewing project. Today I’m giving you the pattern for the skirt for this fashion doll wedding dress, which is designed to fit Mattel’s Barbie®, Spin Master Liv™ dolls, Momoko™ dolls, and similar-sized fashion dolls (11-inch to 11.5-inch). Although we’re using felt for the bodice on this project, we’ll be using … Continue reading FREE Wedding Gown #Patterns for Barbie #Dolls @

Please visit for free, printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows a Stacie doll (Barbie's little sister) dressed in a hand-made Christmas dress and elf hat. She stands before a tiny train filled with gifts and toys. She leans against Santa's sleigh, which is filled with little wrapped gifts. Behind her is a snow-covered hill with many wintery pine trees.

FREE #Christmas #Dolls clothes patterns @ #Toys

This month I’ll be featuring the versatile pattern I’ve designed for 10″ and 11″ dolls like Petite Barbie, Skipper, the MC2 dolls, Momoko, and many others. Just scroll through all the great photos below, to see which dolls will fit this pattern: There are really only two outfits pictured in all of these images, but just look at all the dolls they fit! During the … Continue reading FREE #Christmas #Dolls clothes patterns @ #Toys

FREE #MomokoDoll clothes patterns @ #dolls #Japan

This week’s posts will be brief. Since I discovered that this dress pattern fits quite a few dolls, I’m busy creating official posts for each doll, so that I can offer links from my gallery page to each post. (Sorry for taking up a whole week to take care of business, but this is the best way to make the patterns easily accessible from the … Continue reading FREE #MomokoDoll clothes patterns @ #dolls #Japan

Please visit for free, printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows a black-line paper pattern to print from home. The pattern can be sewn to fit a 10" fashion doll like Skipper, Momoko, Disney's Arial doll, and Petite Barbie.

#CandyCorn Dress #Pattern for #Dolls is FREE at

Here’s this week’s pattern. As you can see by the images of various dolls wearing this week’s dress project, the pattern easily fits Mattel’s Skipper®, Disney’s® Ariel doll, Momoko™ dolls, Mattel’s Petite Barbie® from the Fashionista® line, and even the little-bit taller than 10″ Liv™ dolls from Spin Master™. This has been a really fun and rewarding project to work on, and I was excited … Continue reading #CandyCorn Dress #Pattern for #Dolls is FREE at

DIY wedding gown for #MomokoDoll w/ free pattern @ #人形 #お人形 #ドール

Isn’t that dress elegant and amazing? When I look at it in real life, I sometimes can’t believe I designed that gorgeous thing! And now the patterns and tutorial for making it are free, right here on Pattern 1 for the wedding dress Pattern 2 for the wedding dress Tutorial for making the wedding dress Link to patterns and tutorial for making the shift (undergarment) As … Continue reading DIY wedding gown for #MomokoDoll w/ free pattern @ #人形 #お人形 #ドール

Sew a peasant dress for #MomokoDoll w/ free pattern @ #心の声 #仕立て

I designed this simple dress to sew for Momoko™ dolls. If you collect Momoko™, you’ve probably discovered that her clothes and accessories can be very expensive! Well here is a solution: sew clothes for your Momoko™ doll. I have made other sewing patterns for Momoko™ as well. They can all be found on my Gallery Page. Each image on the Gallery Page takes you to links … Continue reading Sew a peasant dress for #MomokoDoll w/ free pattern @ #心の声 #仕立て

Sew a #Holiday gown for #momokodoll w/ free pattern @ #ruruko

If you look closely, Momoko’s bonnet is a lot like the bonnets the pilgrims wore, and let’s face it, the Thanksgiving holiday is right around the corner. But this dress would also make a nice gown for the Christmas season as well. The elegant red and gold fabric made a gorgeous Renaissance-style gown for my Momoko doll. As you can imagine, I’ve created patterns and … Continue reading Sew a #Holiday gown for #momokodoll w/ free pattern @ #ruruko

#Renaissance Cap and Gown Pattern for #MomokoDoll @ #人形

This is a preview of the sewing project we’ll be making this week. This elegant cap and gown is what my Momoko Doll will wear in Act V of Romeo and Juliet, the stop-motion video I’m in the process of filming. The outfit consist of three parts: a Renaissance cap, a shift (or nightgown), and a dress. Here’s a close-up image of the cap… And here’s … Continue reading #Renaissance Cap and Gown Pattern for #MomokoDoll @ #人形

Image shows a sewing pattern for a doll's sundress. Mattel's Skipper and Mattel's Petite Barbie (both Trademarked names) are shown wearing dresses made using the pattern. Overlay says "Chelly Wood Dot com: free printable sewing patterns and tutorials."

Free, printable #sewing pattern for #skipper, #PetiteBarbie, and more @

Here’s the free, printable sewing pattern that I promised you yesterday. In case you didn’t see yesterday’s post, this is a universal sundress pattern, so it will actually fit Skipper™, Tall Barbie™, Petite Barbie™, Curvy Barbie™, and probably nearly every fashion doll in the Barbie™ range (i.e. Dusty, Momoko™, Liv Dolls, etc.). Tomorrow I’ll post the tutorial that shows you exactly how to sew this … Continue reading Free, printable #sewing pattern for #skipper, #PetiteBarbie, and more @

Image of sewing pattern for Renaissance style sleeve with cuff. Pattern is designed to fit fashion dolls. Image of Momoko fashion doll wearing a Renaissance gown. Watermark says "Chelly Wood dot com for free, printable sewing patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes."

New free sewing pattern for #MomokoDoll #dress @ #Dolls #ミニチュア

Today’s free sewing pattern has two parts. There’s the dress (above) and the sleeve (below): As I said in earlier posts, these Renaissance doll costumes were designed for dolls to wear in a Romeo and Juliet film production. To make the dress shown, you must also use the negligee (or undergarment) pattern found on this page. Yesterday I posted my video tutorial showing how to make this … Continue reading New free sewing pattern for #MomokoDoll #dress @ #Dolls #ミニチュア

Image: sewing pattern for fashion doll strapless or lace-strap evening wear, negligee, or nightgown.

Free #fashiondoll negligee pattern fits #BlytheTheDoll, #Pullip, #Barbies and #MomokoPH #Dolls

Yes, folks, this is a re-post for a lacy negligee that fits Barbie, Momoko, and I’m told it also fits Blythe (the doll) and Pullip dolls. I designed this night gown for Act III, Scene 5 in my stop-motion video of Romeo and Juliet. So it was originally designed to fit Momoko Dolls, but I was pleasantly surprised to find this negligee pattern is fairly universal, fitting … Continue reading Free #fashiondoll negligee pattern fits #BlytheTheDoll, #Pullip, #Barbies and #MomokoPH #Dolls

Image of Momoko Doll in Renaissance ball gown, standing in front of the Palace at Verseille, with a bust before her. She wears a Pilgrim-like bonnet and an elegant lace shift as well as the elegant over-dress which has been embellished with gold braided ribbons and rick-rack. Overlay says, "Chelly Wood Dot Com. Free printable Sewing patterns for dolls and free tutorials."

Sew 2 Dresses for #Momoko Dolls @ #MomokoPh

This week I’m going to show you how to make two “dresses” for Momoko dolls. Momoko is a highly articulated, gorgeous doll, made my the Sekiguchi company of Japan. She’s not usually a “play with” doll, but more of a woman’s collectible doll, having a price tag of a hundred American dollars on up (that’s approximately 1100 yen or 89 euros). If you’re thinking about … Continue reading Sew 2 Dresses for #Momoko Dolls @ #MomokoPh