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Yesterday I posted the image of my World of Love Soul doll (from Hasbro) wearing the pants we’ll be making this week. Today I’m posting the pattern for making the pants and shirt. On Wednesday, I’ll post a video tutorial showing you how to make the bi-colored trousers. On Thursday I’ll post the pattern for her hat. On Friday I’ll show you how to make her hat. Next week we’ll take a look at how to make her shirt and vest, so you won’t want to miss that!

If you’re arriving late to find all of this, please be aware that I update my patterns at this link. And there are a few things you need to know about my patterns. First, I use a 1/4 inch stitch when sewing. Second, it’s important that you enlarge my patterns to fill an entire sheet of printer paper (216 x 279 mm. or 8.5 x 11 inches) before printing. Third, it’s just friendly and thoughtful if you’d like this page on Facebook, pin it to your Pinterest page, tweet about it, blog about it, link to it, or help promote my site in some way. That way other people will also hear about my free, printable, downloadable sewing patterns.

Furthermore, here’s a link to my YouTube channel, where you can find video tutorials on how to sew all my great stuff!

Printable Downloadable Pattern for Pants and shirt that fit a World of Love doll from Hasbro
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