Printable #Sewing Pattern for #DIY #BarbieDoll Pants Is Free and Easy to Sew

Here’s my printable pattern for Barbie doll pants. What makes it so easy to make is the bi-colored fabric. Even if you use one solid color, the tutorial I’ll be posting on Wednesday next week (showing you exactly how to make these) will be easy to follow because of the two different colors of fabric I’ve used. That makes it easy to see where seams meet and where stitches start and stop.

As always, you’re welcome to download and print my pattern. All I ask is the common courtesy you can show by liking this blog post on Facebook, tweeting about it, and/or pinning this pattern to your Pinterest page. Just help me get the word out that these patterns are available and free for the public to download, print, and use.

Printable pattern for bi-colored pants (Renaissance style) for Barbie dolls
Please visit to watch a video tutorial showing how to make these pants for Barbie dolls.

As with all my patterns, I use a 1/4-inch stitch, and you must enlarge my pattern to fit a full-sized piece of computer paper (8.5 x 11 inches or 216 x 279 mm), to make sure the pattern actually fits the doll when made.

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