Sewing a Renaissance Costume for My #Twilight #Jasper Doll

Jasper’s build is a tad bit taller and leaner than Ken’s, but my Ken dolls still fit in Jasper’s pants and tunic. But if you decide to make this costume for a regular Ken doll, I recommend trimming 1/4 inch off the bottom of the pants pattern and possibly the same off the arm’s bottom half.

Anyway, here’s the costume I’ll be making this week:

Image of Twilight Jasper doll wearing renaissance clothing with slashed sleeves and skirting.
Go to to download the printable sewing pattern and to watch free video tutorials on how to make this outfit for your Twilight dolls.

Stick with me all week to see the patterns I’ve created for the pants and tunic, along with the video tutorials I’ll be making to go along with the patterns.

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