#Twilight’s #Jasper Gets a New Set of #Clothes!

Thank you, Jackson Rathbone, for providing the charming features for Father Capulet in my upcoming YouTube production of Barbie, Momoko, and Twilight’s Jasper in Romeo and Juliet!

And now I’m going to share my video with all the world, so you can dress Jackson Rathbone too! Here’s the low-down:

  • Monday I showed you Jasper’s cool Renaissance outfit
  • Tuesday you got the pattern for sewing the pants
  • Wednesday I showed you my tutorial for making his fancy pants
  • Thursday (Merry Christmas!) I gave everyone my my free, printable sewing pattern for the Father Capulet tunic
  • Today (Friday) I’m posting my video tutorial, showing you how to sew your own Renaissance tunic with slashed sleeves

And here it is, but I do ask that you be extra nice and like it on Facebook, tweet about it on Twitter, and/or pin it to your Pinterest page to help get the word out that these fantastic patterns and tutorials are available for all the world to see and use free of charge:

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