11 to 12 Inch (28 to 30 cm) Male Doll and Action Figures Free Printable Clothes Patterns (Galleries’ Links)

The image shows male dolls in the 11.75 inch or 12 inch size range mingling in a brick room. All of the male dolls wear handmade doll clothes. The Mattel Ryan doll wears a tux as if he's headed to a wedding. Jake (from Spin Master Liv dolls) wears jeans and a forest green shirt, as if he works for the US Forest Service. He's seated next to Texas A & M Black Ken, who wears a green short-sleeve shirt with mustard yellow pants--colors that would be great for a Kwanzaa celebration. Behind him stands a GI Joe of the taller variety wearing a blue denim collared shirt with blue dungarees. He's talking to a 198's Ken doll (more muscular than modern Ken and Modern Ryan), and this 1980's ken wears handmade trousers with a button-up long-sleeve shirt. Behind him stands broad Ken in a turtleneck sweater and pajama pants. He's speaking to a male doll from the Ever After High collection called Hunter Huntsman. Hunter is wearing hand made boxer shorts and a raglan sleeve jersey tee shirt. The overlay gives the name of the website where you can download free printable sewing patterns for all of these 12 inch male dolls: ChellyWood.com

Are you here to find FREE doll clothes patterns to fit one of the dolls pictured above?

At the time of this blog posting, most of these patterns have not yet been converted to PDF format, so you are advised to view this tutorial video to help you you with printing.

With this in mind, the links below will take you to a gallery of all available FREE patterns and tutorial videos for the doll for whom you’re sewing:

12 inch (30.5 cm) Regular Ken and 12 and 1/4 inch (31 cm) Articulated Ken Doll Clothes Patterns*

12 inch (30.2 cm) Jake Doll Clothes Patterns (from Spin Master Liv Doll Collection)

12 inch (30 cm) Broad Ken Doll Clothes Patterns

11 inch (28 cm) GI Joe and Similar-sized Action Figures Free Clothes Patterns

12 inch (30 cm) WWE Action Figures Free Clothes Patterns

Historical Male Doll Clothes Patterns

Free 12-inch (30.5 cm) Baby Doll Clothes Patterns

The links above will take you to a gallery of all available FREE patterns and tutorial videos for the doll for whom you’re sewing.

*Regular Ken (like Ryan) and Articulated Ken (like Texas A&M Ken) are slightly different in their body measurements, but I group them together because all of the doll clothes I’ve designed for these two Ken doll types will fit both of them. To get their exact measurements, please look for the blog post I did on 27 July 2021.

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