13-inch to 16-inch (33-40 cm) Doll Clothes Patterns: FREE Printable Doll Clothes Patterns (Galleries’ Links)

The image shows a 13 inch Disney Animators doll, a 14 inch Hearts4Hearts Girls doll, a 15 inch Wellie Wishers doll, and a 16 inch vintage Velvet doll from the Crissy line of dolls from Ideal Toy Corp. This image offers links to free printable patterns for dolls in these size ranges. All free printable patterns can be found at ChellyWood.com and for each printable sewing pattern for these doll clothes, you will find tutorial videos showing how to make doll clothes for these dolls and any dolls in a similar size range.
Please visit ChellyWood.com for FREE printable sewing patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes. Gallery for Velvet Wellie wishers Hearts for Hearts and Disney princess toddler dolls.

Are you here to find FREE doll clothes patterns to fit one of the dolls pictured above? The links below will take you to a gallery of all available FREE patterns and tutorial videos for the doll for whom you’re sewing:

13-inch Disney Toddler Princess Doll Clothes Patterns

Hearts for Hearts Girls Doll Clothes Patterns

Vintage Velvet Doll Clothes Patterns (Crissy’s Cousin)

American Girl’s Wellie Wishers Doll Clothes Patterns

(Some of the doll clothes pictured in the image above may only be listed under one or two of the dolls in this size range, but they often fit all the dolls in this category.)