17-inch (43 cm) Doll Clothes Patterns: FREE Printable Doll Clothes Patterns (Galleries’ Links)

Visit ChellyWood.com for free printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes.

Important notice: these galleries will be under construction until after August, 2021. If you’d like to find patterns for 17 inch dolls before then, please click here. That link will show every individual blog post I’ve done on 17 inch dolls since the beginning of this website.

After 10 August 2021, you will be able to use the links below to find specific blog posts on the individual 17″ doll you’re sewing for:

Free printable sewing patterns for 17 and 1/2 inch (44.5 cm) Monster High’s Freak du Chic dolls

Free printable sewing patterns for 17 inch Endless Hair Kingdom Princess Barbie

Free printable sewing patterns for 16 to 17 inch Tonner dolls

After the 10th of August, 2021, if you still find links that don’t work here, please send me a message with a clear description of the page and the link that needs to be corrected. Thanks, in advance, for your help!