Click on the link under the picture to access the free patterns and tutorials for sewing a Christmas stocking with a cuff and felt letters that form a name.

Sew a Personalized Christmas Stocking w/Cuff using #FreePatterns @ #SewingBlog #MeMadeMonday

Here’s my super-easy tutorial showing how to make a people-sized Christmas stocking with a fold-over cuff and felt lettering for the personalized name. However, if you need a little help making bubble letters for your lettering pattern, please click here. The printable stocking PDF patterns are free to download below, but please remember that I offer my patterns for free through Creative Commons Attribution, which … Continue reading Sew a Personalized Christmas Stocking w/Cuff using #FreePatterns @ #SewingBlog #MeMadeMonday

Click on the link provided, to find the tutorial video. This image shows orange felt with a black whipstitch pattern across folded fabric. The overlay says, "How to hem a garment by hand, using the whip stitch. The video is found at

How to Whipstitch a Hem @ #embroidery #sewing #crafts

Occasionally people who are new to sewing ask me questions that are old-hat to those of us who are long-time sewists. One question I was recently asked is, “How do you hem a garment without a sewing machine?” I use the whipstitch to hem most of my garments. It’s a fairly easy stitch, and it creates a nearly invisible hem. Here’s how it’s done: This … Continue reading How to Whipstitch a Hem @ #embroidery #sewing #crafts

Click on the link in the image's caption for the actual tutorial video which shows how to do the backstitch. The image shows a needle and thread and offers the URL of the website where you can find this and many other tutorials that will help you learn how to sew by hand:

Easy Backstitch #DIY #Tutorial Video @

Those of you who regularly follow my blog posts are probably aware that I sew a lot of my doll clothes by hand. The stitch I like to use most is the backstitch. Why is the backstitch so useful? It’s sturdy, but quick and easy to do. Here’s a tutorial video I made a while back, in which I demonstrate how to backstitch. Remember, if … Continue reading Easy Backstitch #DIY #Tutorial Video @

Please visit for free, printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows a Draculaura Monster High doll wearing a green plaid dress with puff sleeves. The fabric is also dotted with little shamrocks. Behind Draculaura is a tiny, 1:6 scale table set with a pink and white floral decorated tea set, complete with cup and saucer, teapot, and sugar dish. On the wall behind Draculaura is a painting of Romeo and Juliet. The overlay says, "MH Doll Dress DIY" and offers the website

#MonsterHigh #dolls’ dress tutorial on #YouTube

Here’s my YouTube tutorial for the dress pattern I posted yesterday. To make this doll dress, you’ll need the free pattern: Click here for free dress pattern Click here to watch the video showing how to use bias tape for making sleeve cuffs If you need any help downloading my free patterns, remember, I’ve got tutorials showing you exactly how to download free patterns. This … Continue reading #MonsterHigh #dolls’ dress tutorial on #YouTube

Image shows a young woman's fingers holding a pink spool of thread. Overlay says, "How to Buy Thread" and offers the URL

How to Buy Thread When #Sewing for #Dolls @

Last week I gave you a few pointers on how to buy fabric for sewing doll clothes, but did you know some threads are definitely not the best choice for sewing doll clothes also? This video tutorial shows you how to buy your thread with these questions in mind: What fabric will you be using? Are you planning to sew by hand or machine? Are … Continue reading How to Buy Thread When #Sewing for #Dolls @

Image is a printable sewing pattern for a doll's felt shirt. Header reads "EASY-Sew Felt Doll Shirt Pattern" and the subheading reads "One size fits many." At the bottom of the page it says, "Bodice worn as a shirt fits dolls of many shapes and sizes." Photos show the following dolls wearing the sleeveless felt shirt with simple, easy-to-sew darts: Curvy Barbie, Petite Barbie, Tall Barbie (from the Fashionista line), a Spin Master Liv Doll, a Lammily Doll, a Momoko Doll, Skipper, and even a 17" Barbie doll (stands 17 inches tall). All of these dolls are shown wearing the shirt after it has been sewn. The website, is offered on the pattern itself for video tutorials that show exactly how to piece this pattern together. A "Creative Commons Attribution" mark appears on the pattern itself, along with a difficulty level stated as "kind of easy."

FREE #Pattern for a #Dolls shirt @ #FREEstuff

This is the pattern we’ll be using to make this week’s project. Look back at yesterday’s post to see how the final product will look. For my regular followers, this pattern may look familiar to you. I’ve issued this pattern before, but my older patterns lacked the Creative Commons Attribution mark and the measurement tool. So I’m issuing this older pattern again with some updates. … Continue reading FREE #Pattern for a #Dolls shirt @ #FREEstuff

Image shows a Tall Barbie from Mattel's fashionista line wearing a tie-dyed felt shirt with navy blue bias tape wrapped around the sleeves and collar. She smiles pleasantly at the camera. The shirt is a short-sleeved summer top with a sloping collar. Overlay says, " Free printable sewing patterns and tutorials for dolls of many shapes and sizes."

FREE #Dolls Shirt Pattern @ #Dollstagram #Sewing

This week I’m going to revisit my easiest shirt pattern, and I’m going to teach you how to add bias tape to it for a whole new look: For those of you who are new to sewing, my tutorial video this week will show you how to add 1/2 inch (approx. 12 mm) bias tape to a garment. Half inch bias tape looks like this … Continue reading FREE #Dolls Shirt Pattern @ #Dollstagram #Sewing

A Project MC Squared Bryden Bandweth doll models a pirate costume while standing on a sandy beach with a harbor behind her. Her black felt tricorn hat has a Jolly Roger embroidered on the front flap. Here folded collar long shirt has lace edges along the sleeve openings. She wears a black felt vest and a pair of short trousers. Her shoes are black felt Colonial style shoes with big silver buckles.

FREE #Doll Clothes Patterns: #Pirate #Costume @

At long last, here’s everything you’ll need to make the pirate costume. As I’ve shown you before, this outfit will fit fit Project MC2® dolls, Monster High® dolls, and Ever After High® dolls, to name a few. Ready to get busy sewing? Here are the patterns and tutorials you’ll need: Pattern for the Vest, Shoes, and Tricorne Hat Tutorial for Making the Vest Tutorial for Making … Continue reading FREE #Doll Clothes Patterns: #Pirate #Costume @

#Dollstagram image of my latest free #SewingPatterns for #Dolls @

In the images above and below, you’ll find a preview of the outfit we’ll be making this week. These FREE printable sewing patterns will be all-new patterns, and they’ll be using a new feature: a difficulty scale. Scroll past the following images to learn more about my new difficulty scale for my free, printable sewing patterns. Do you recognize the pose my Made-to-Move Barbie® is using? … Continue reading #Dollstagram image of my latest free #SewingPatterns for #Dolls @

Please visit for free, printable sewing patterns and tutorials. This image shows a Spin Master Liv Doll wearing an elegant handmade blouse decorated with silvery-grey flowers. The overlay says,, "Small doll free shirt pattern and tutorial." The image comes from, where there are dozens of free, printable sewing patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes.

#DIY Tutorial for Slender #Dolls’ Shirt @

Just look back at yesterday’s post for the free printable pattern you’ll need to make this lovely shirt. As you can see on the pattern post, this shirt will fit dolls with very slender figures. It’s not designed to fit Mattel’s traditional Barbie®, as she’s a bit too big in the bust for this pattern. However, it does fit Project MC2® dolls, Spin Master Liv … Continue reading #DIY Tutorial for Slender #Dolls’ Shirt @

How to sew a #bodysuit for #fashiondolls

Yesterday I posted the pattern, so today I’m posting the tutorial. This bodysuit is designed to be part of a Halloween cat costume. The pattern and tutorial for the mask were posted last week, so look back through older posts to find those. Tomorrow I hope to post a tutorial showing how to make the mittens and tail for the cat costume. __________________ If you’re … Continue reading How to sew a #bodysuit for #fashiondolls

Image of hand holding snap with overlying words "How to Sew Snaps on Fabric"

Simple #Sewing lesson from #crafty #diy

It has been a while since I created this “How to Sew Snaps on Fabric” tutorial video, so I thought it would be a good idea to revisit it on my blog. If you’re wondering why I make patterns and videos without charging a fee, please visit the “Chelly’s Books” page, and that should explain my general motivations. In case you haven’t heard, I have also designed … Continue reading Simple #Sewing lesson from #crafty #diy