Image of two Renaissance-style 1/6 scale chairs made of recycled cardboard.

How to #Craft a #DIY Doll Chair Out of #Upcycled Cardboard

Monday I showed you the picture of the product we’re making. Tuesday I shared my free, printable pattern. Today I’m showing the how-to video that demonstrates how you make a lovely, Renaissance-style doll chair out of cardboard. This is upcycling at its best! One more time, I’d like to thank Karen Carson McGuire for featuring this DIY doll chair pattern and my article in April’s … Continue reading How to #Craft a #DIY Doll Chair Out of #Upcycled Cardboard

Image of a Ken doll wearing muffin cap, medieval bi-colored pants, boots, a cape, and puff-sleeves.

#Sew a Puff-Sleeve Shirt for #Ken or #BarbieDoll

The picture below shows my Ken doll dressed as Count Paris for my up-coming YouTube production of Romeo and Juliet. This week I’ll show you how to make his puff-sleeve shirt, his bi-colored trousers, and his vest. I also have YouTube videos that demonstrate how to make his boots, his muffin cap, and a cape for Ken, as well as a DIY tutorial for making swords … Continue reading #Sew a Puff-Sleeve Shirt for #Ken or #BarbieDoll

Image of bodice and skirt patterns for Barbie dolls

#Barbie Dress #Patterns Free & Printable: Floral #Renaissance Pinafore

Yesterday I showed you the dress we’ll be making this week. It’s a lovely Renaissance-style pinafore that goes over the top of the wedding dress I’ve designed. Tomorrow I’ll share my video tutorial, showing you exactly how to piece this thing together. Today I’m posting the pattern we’ll be using. Remember, when you print my patterns, you need to enlarge them to fit a regular-sized … Continue reading #Barbie Dress #Patterns Free & Printable: Floral #Renaissance Pinafore

Image of Barbie Doll Wearing Home-made Snood

#Sew #Barbie Clothes Tutorial: How to Make a Pinafore

This is actually my 2nd pinafore tutorial. Here’s a link to the earlier one, which is considerably easier to make than this one (although this one is gorgeous). And, of course, all of my patterns and tutorials are available on this page. My patterns are free to download, and there’s no charge for my video tutorials. I’m just a lady who loves to sew and … Continue reading #Sew #Barbie Clothes Tutorial: How to Make a Pinafore

Pattern for making a Renaissance style muffin cap for Ken dolls or Barbie dolls

#Sewing #Pattern for Renaissance #MuffinCap

Yesterday I showed you the final product: a Renaissance muffin cap for Ken dolls. Today I’m going to share the pattern for the muffin caps I made. Please feel free to download and print this pattern, but there are a couple of things I want to say: First, please like this post on Facebook, tweet about it, and/or pin this image on Pinterest to help … Continue reading #Sewing #Pattern for Renaissance #MuffinCap

Image of Ken doll in muffin cap and Renaissance doublet

Sew a #Renaissance Muffin #Cap for #Barbie or Ken

This week I’ll be teaching you how to sew a Renaissance-style muffin cap for Barbie or Ken dolls. Take a look at the picture below to see what I’m talking about. Today I’m displaying the preview picture; Tuesday I’ll be posting the pattern; Wednesday you’ll get to see my YouTube video for this muffin cap. Continue reading Sew a #Renaissance Muffin #Cap for #Barbie or Ken

Image of Ken doll wearing Romeo costume with heading "Sewing Tutorial: Romeo's Pants)

More #Barbie #DIY #Projects: Sew Renaissance Trousers for Ken Dolls

The prince costume that I posted on Monday and the pattern that I posted Tuesday included a pair of bi-colored Renaissance pants for Ken. So here’s the video tutorial I’ve made, showing how to sew these attractive Renaissance-style pants. Remember, all my patterns are available on my Patterns page, and you can go to the home page to see what the whole costume looked like, when I … Continue reading More #Barbie #DIY #Projects: Sew Renaissance Trousers for Ken Dolls

Header showing Ken doll in Renaissance Doublet

#Renaissance Doublet #SewingTutorial for Ken Dolls

As I said when I posted the pattern yesterday, this isn’t the easiest tutorial I’ve created. In fact, it’s really only for the advanced seamstresses out there. However, if you’re up for a challenge, here’s my video tutorial showing you how to make a Renaissance doublet for Ken dolls. Please show your appreciation by hitting the “Like” button on Facebook, pinning on Pinterest, or otherwise … Continue reading #Renaissance Doublet #SewingTutorial for Ken Dolls

Image showing Ken doll in Renaissance clothing

#Sew a #Renaissance #Prince Costume for Ken Dolls

This week I’ll be sewing this Renaissance “prince” costume for my Ken doll. (He’ll actually be playing Mercutio in my upcoming YouTube video for Romeo and Juliet.) The pattern and tutorial I’ll be posting this week will show you how to  make the bi-colored trousers, a doublet with sleeves, and the boots you see pictured below. Monday: I’m posting the picture of the final product Tuesday: I’ll post … Continue reading #Sew a #Renaissance #Prince Costume for Ken Dolls

How to make swords and a medieval or renaissance cloak for Barbie dolls

Medieval #CloakPattern is Free to Download

I’ll be posting the pattern for this medieval/Renaissance cape in two parts: yesterday I posted the hood pattern, and today I’m posting the cape itself. Remember, if you’d like to show your appreciation for my creations, please like them on Facebook, tweet about them, pin them, and/or offer links to them from your own website. Thanks! It’s best to download this image, save it to your hard drive, … Continue reading Medieval #CloakPattern is Free to Download