Medieval #CloakPattern is Free to Download

I’ll be posting the pattern for this medieval/Renaissance cape in two parts: yesterday I posted the hood pattern, and today I’m posting the cape itself. Remember, if you’d like to show your appreciation for my creations, please like them on Facebook, tweet about them, pin them, and/or offer links to them from your own website. Thanks!

It’s best to download this image, save it to your hard drive, then load it into a blank Word document. Enlarge the image until it’s exactly the same size as a regular sheet of computer paper. Then print it. That way, you can make sure the finished cloak will fit your doll. If you print it without making it the same size as a piece of paper, it may not fit.

This pattern is fairly easy to make, but you’ll have an easier time creating it, if you also follow my YouTube tutorial.

Here’s the pattern for the bottom part of the cloak:

Medieval or Renaissance Cloak or Cape Pattern for Barbie, Ken, or Momoko Dolls
Image: My Own Creation

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