The image shows the OOAK Liv Doll "Chelly Wood" at her computer in her tiny dolly diorama office. Behind her is a painting of ballerinas by Degas. The overlay says, Fan Mail and offers the at symbol followed by the URL, a website where there are hundreds of free, printable sewing patterns for doll clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes. This is the YouTube header for what one might call "Barbie fan mail opening" or stop motion fan mail reading. It's a stop motion video of the Chelly Wood doll discussing her fan mail, reading it out loud, and showing a video of Barbie dolls modeling the hand-made dresses that one of Chelly Wood's fans created using Chelly Wood's own free doll clothes patterns (printable on the website).

Opening Fan Mail #StopMotion style @ #Dolls

Even though I’m just a school librarian with a love for doll-clothes-pattern-making, I do get fan mail on this website or in my P.O. box every now and then. Sometimes people send me photos of the lovely doll clothes they’ve made, using my free patterns. At the top of this post, you’ll find a brief stop motion video showing the doll clothes made by one … Continue reading Opening Fan Mail #StopMotion style @ #Dolls

The image shows a 28-inch super tall "Just Play" best fashion friend or "My Size" Barbie doll wearing hand-made shorts and an easy-to-sew felt shirt. The watermark on this image says, " free printable sewing patterns and tutorials." This is an African American oversized large Barbie doll, and she smiles at the camera as she seems to be walking along a sidewalk with a blue sky and fluffy clouds behind her. The website, offers lots of free sewing patterns for doll clothes, including patterns for this pair of summer shorts and easy-to-sew felt top for extra large Barbies.

28-inch #Barbie/Fashion #Dolls’ Clothes #Patterns are FREE @

I’m under the impression that until now, there haven’t been very many patterns available for the 28-inch “Just Play” Best Fashion Friend Barbie and other my-size dolls in this extra-tall height category because I’ve received a lot of email requests for patterns to fit these (and similar) life-sized dolls. I waited for this beautiful 28-inch Mattel Barbie doll to be available on sale, and once … Continue reading 28-inch #Barbie/Fashion #Dolls’ Clothes #Patterns are FREE @