Kids #Sew: Make a #Dolls Dress w/ Free #Fashionistas Pattern

It seems like this particular tutorial has already been a hit on my YouTube Channel, as I only posted it three days ago, and it already has almost 50 hits. Wow! In case you aren’t aware, I posted the pattern for this Easy-Sew Project yesterday, but it might be even easier to search for the pattern link on my Gallery Page (to be posted after … Continue reading Kids #Sew: Make a #Dolls Dress w/ Free #Fashionistas Pattern

Image shows a sewing pattern for a doll's sundress. Mattel's Skipper and Mattel's Petite Barbie (both Trademarked names) are shown wearing dresses made using the pattern. Overlay says "Chelly Wood Dot com: free printable sewing patterns and tutorials."

Free, printable #sewing pattern for #skipper, #PetiteBarbie, and more @

Here’s the free, printable sewing pattern that I promised you yesterday. In case you didn’t see yesterday’s post, this is a universal sundress pattern, so it will actually fit Skipper™, Tall Barbie™, Petite Barbie™, Curvy Barbie™, and probably nearly every fashion doll in the Barbie™ range (i.e. Dusty, Momoko™, Liv Dolls, etc.). Tomorrow I’ll post the tutorial that shows you exactly how to sew this … Continue reading Free, printable #sewing pattern for #skipper, #PetiteBarbie, and more @

Easy-Sew Project for #Kids: Make #PetiteBarbie or #Skipper a Sundress

Isn’t that a gorgeous photograph?! I took that picture in the gardens around Monmartre, a historic part of Paris that includes the lovely cathedral of Sacre Coeur. This week I’m going to share my free, printable pattern for the simple sundress Petite Barbie™ is wearing in the picture above. I’m also going to share the longer dress pattern, which you can see Skipper™ wearing in this … Continue reading Easy-Sew Project for #Kids: Make #PetiteBarbie or #Skipper a Sundress

Image of dress, hat, and vest, with overlay that states, "How to Design Doll Clothes."

Design #dollclothes for #Barbies or other #dolls

Since the new Curvy Barbie, Tall Barbie, and Petite Barbie dolls were introduced as part of Mattel’s Fashionista line, I’ve been getting a lot more questions on my website about how I design my own doll clothes patterns. It’s a little tricky, but in this video, I’ve tried to simplify the process for the lay person to attempt to do what I do. However if this … Continue reading Design #dollclothes for #Barbies or other #dolls

Image of Mattel's Curvy Barbie wearing hand-made skirt, top, and vest. Overlay says, "Design your own doll clothes patterns."

How to design your own #dollclothes for #CurvyBarbie @ #theDollEvolves

Here we have it; the tutorial you’ve all been requesting! How do I design my own doll clothes to fit Curvy Barbie, Tall Barbie, Petite Barbie, or any other doll? Granted, this shows you how to make your own skirt, which is very simple. But how do you design your own shirts for dolls? Well, I’ll share that tutorial tomorrow. Need help printing my patterns? … Continue reading How to design your own #dollclothes for #CurvyBarbie @ #theDollEvolves