Here we see a sailor lifting his cap into the air as if to say, "Ahoy there!" Behind him we see the open water of a bay or harbor and a rocky shore. The action figure pictured here is a WWE 12 inch professional wrestler action figure from Mattel. The hat he holds is clearly a white felt sailor's cap which would likely fit most 12 inch action figures like GI Joe, Action Man, and 12 inch male dolls like Broad Ken. The image is surrounded by a purple frame with the words "free pattern" and the logo for at the top of the frame.

Felt Sailor Cap for Action Man or GI Joe with #FreePatterns for #ActionFigures

Scroll down to the second set of bullets for the free PDF sewing patterns. For today’s sailor’s hat, you might want to refresh your knowledge of hand stitching. Along with the PDF sewing pattern, I’ve included a few helpful bullets for hand-stitching tutorial videos. You’ll also need to buy some white craft felt for your project, and if you’re new to hand stitching, it wouldn’t … Continue reading Felt Sailor Cap for Action Man or GI Joe with #FreePatterns for #ActionFigures

Image shows the 17-inch Monster High doll named Gooliope wearing a hand-made sleeveless top made of felt. Overlay says, "Easy MH Shirt" and offers the website, ""

#SewEasy #MonsterHigh #Dolls Shirt Tutorial @

This really is a pretty simple doll shirt, with one exception. The snaps can be tricky for beginners, which is why, on the pattern, I’ve labeled it with two dusty rose flowers instead of one. To make it easier for all the beginners out there, I’ll re-post my “How to Sew Snaps on Fabric” tutorial tomorrow. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to review my basic straight … Continue reading #SewEasy #MonsterHigh #Dolls Shirt Tutorial @

#Sewing project for beginners and #kids: Monster #Doll shirt made of felt

Earlier this week, I gave you the pattern for this shirt. Granted, it can be a little confusing, because it says it’s the pattern for a western shirt, but we won’t be using the sleeves. Furthermore, as it says in the tutorial, if you choose to make your doll’s shirts out of felt instead of more traditional woven fabrics, you won’t have to hem it … Continue reading #Sewing project for beginners and #kids: Monster #Doll shirt made of felt

#Doll Boots #Sewing Pattern and #DIY Tutorial

Yesterday I posted my boot pattern for Ken dolls. Today I’m posting the video tutorial to show you how to make them out of felt. I used expensive wool-based felt (the kind for felting), but a person could go with flannel or regular, inexpensive craft felt for this project. Just be very careful when using cheap felt, as it can tear when you put the … Continue reading #Doll Boots #Sewing Pattern and #DIY Tutorial