The image shows a purple, white, and turquoise colored infographic with the title "Buyer's Gide" at the top, and the following elements listed within the text boxes of the infographic: buttons, snaps, ribbon, elastic, labels, zippers. The watermark says "ChellyWood" to remind you that you can get lots of doll clothes sewing advice and free patterns at

Buyer’s Guide

I often get questions about where to buy tiny buttons, small-print fabrics, snaps, itty-bitty buckles, miniature zippers, and even sewing machines and their parts. So I’ve put together a “Buyer’s Guide” to help you with that. This is primarily an affiliate marketing page. As an Amazon Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. However I am an affiliate marketer for other websites too. To learn more … Continue reading Buyer’s Guide

Please visit for ideas on how to make money sewing and selling crafts. Today's topic is about how to save money by using second-hand clothing as a fabric source for sell-able fabric crafts.

Save money by recycling second-hand clothing for sewing doll clothes! #MoneyMaker #Sewing

Did you know recycling old clothes is good for the environment? And in case you didn’t know, third world countries, where garments and textiles are often made, have the least amount of funding for pollution prevention and clean-up. This leads to air pollution, rain forest depletion, and damage to drinking water and other essential resources. If you’d like to learn more about this issue, please … Continue reading Save money by recycling second-hand clothing for sewing doll clothes! #MoneyMaker #Sewing