Here we see a doll's matted, snarled hair flying wildly behind her head. The doll's face is obscured. The logo appears below the image and to the left.

Doll Hair Repair — Is it ever a hopeless endeavor?

I frequent second-hand stores when I feel like having a “fun day out,” and I like to look for used dolls that can be repaired and given a new wardrobe. But one of the most challenging problems with used dolls is matted up, tangled hair. I’ve had some amazing successes with dolls that had such horrendous hair problems, I honestly didn’t think I could do … Continue reading Doll Hair Repair — Is it ever a hopeless endeavor?

Announcing a pattern error! #EpicFail #DollClothesPatterns

Remember this costume? It was worn by Father Montague in my stop-motion video of Romeo and Juliet with Dolls, on YouTube. Here’s the entire playlist for Romeo and Juliet with Dolls, just in case you haven’t seen this production, which was created by me and my two daughters, back when they lived at home:   This costume was also worn by The Prince in Romeo … Continue reading Announcing a pattern error! #EpicFail #DollClothesPatterns