The image shows a hand-made ironing board with cover. The website where you can find the patterns for both the ironing board and it's cover is displayed: This ironing board is made to fit 1:6 scale dioramas or dollhouses.

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Yesterday’s post offered the pattern mentioned in this tutorial, and now, here’s the tutorial itself, showing you how to build a cute little adjustable ironing board for your doll’s dollhouse. Please note that this ironing board can be a little unstable (due to its adjustable nature) without the use of Glue Dots to hold it to the floor of the dollhouse. But as you can see, … Continue reading #DIY Adjustable IroningBoard for #Dolls’ #Dollhouse @

This photo shows two Renaissance style chairs made of cardboard. They have an oriental cotton fabric that creates a plush look to the back, arm rests, and seat of each chair. The seats have tassels hanging down. the back has embroidery floss fringe that hangs from the back to the seat. There are small iron or brass looking buttons on the back of the chair. The legs of the chairs make a sort of X like chromosomes, and they are decorated with fleur de lis patterns in black marker. The legs are layered in a row of four sections to keep the chairs standing upright under the weight of a seated doll (although no doll is shown). The two chairs are elegantly poised at a 45 degree angle to one another.

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This is actually one of the oldest patterns I created, back when I first turned into a blog about doll crafting. Because of that, you’ll have to excuse the poor quality of the video. It was an early attempt at self-made videos. (I’m a little embarrassed to post it!) However the video does explain the steps to making this Renaissance-style 1:6 scale chair quite … Continue reading #DIY cardboard #dolls’ furniture for your #DollHouse w/ free pattern @

Image of ball jointed doll with handmade ironing board and cast iron flatiron. Overlay says, "Make an adjustable ironing board" implying the tutorial will show you how to make a doll-sized ironing board.

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For my regular followers, I realize you’ve seen this one before. Sorry! But my sewing room diorama wouldn’t be complete without my adjustable doll ironing board. For anyone who’s new to this site, you probably need the free pattern for the ironing board’s surface (which is also used for making the ironing board’s pretty cover). Just click that link above, and it’ll take you right … Continue reading #DollFurniture DIY Projects in #Miniature @

Image of red 1:6 scale doll dress form with a white stand. Overlay says, "DIY Doll Dress Form Repaint" where DIY stands for "do it yourself" as in, a "do-it-yourself" project.

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Isn’t this a cute little dress form? I bought it on eBay (see link for seller) for a very reasonable price, but I didn’t really like the color. Its original color was black with a gold stand. As I wanted a red-white-and-turquoise theme for my sewing room, I decided a can of spray paint was all it would take to turn this “Barbie™ dress form” into … Continue reading #BarbieDoll #DressForm DIY for Your #Dolling Diorama @

Image of two Renaissance-style 1/6 scale chairs made of recycled cardboard.

#ooak Renaissance chair tutorial @ #dollcollector #monsterhigh

Please forgive the poor quality of this video; it’s one of the first doll diorama tutorials I ever created. That’s why I thought it wouldn’t hurt to repost about it today, since many of you probably haven’t even seen this one. You may have seen the finished chairs, though, as they appear in several scenes of my Romeo and Juliet stop-motion film. This chair may … Continue reading #ooak Renaissance chair tutorial @ #dollcollector #monsterhigh

Image of Momoko doll seated on four-poster bed in castle-like diorama setting

This #1:6scale 4-poster bed is an easy #CraftProject for your #DollDiorama @

This is the 4-poster bed that will be featured in my stop-motion video of Romeo and Juliet, starring dolls like Momoko, Ken, Soul Doll (from Hasbro), Ideal’s Tammy Doll, and Barbie. When you watch the video, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to make a bed like this. Although I usually stick to designing doll clothes, this isn’t my first doll furniture project. … Continue reading This #1:6scale 4-poster bed is an easy #CraftProject for your #DollDiorama @