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Image of elegant doll bed with ribbons and bows
Image of Doll Bed by Katina Boswell (Used With Permission)

Would you like to buy a beautiful doll bed for your dioramas and promotional photographs? Kitina Boswell makes some gorgeous beds for dolls, and her prices are affordable. When I saw her lovely beds on Facebook recently, I asked Katina for a quick interview. Today I’ll share that interview with you, right here on

Q: Hi Kitina. I’m just amazed by the beautiful doll beds you recently posted on Facebook. What size dolls do you make your beds for?
A: The size of my baby doll beds range from 14 inches to 22 inches. That includes all doll types: Barbies, American Girl dolls, Reborn Babies, and Preemies, and all types of dolls’ sizes.
Q: How long have you been in the business of designing doll beds, and what got you started in this area of design?
A: I am a paper flower  artist who wanted to do something different in the homemade craft world. At first, I wanted to make OOAK Reborn Baby dolls, painting them and so on, but the Reborn industry artists are abundant; you have to have limited editions to really give it a go. Then I had the idea to make baby doll beds for them. I expanded to design all types of dolls’ beds, and people love it. Currently I take orders via Facebook and eBay, shipping my beds through global shipping. All of my beds are made with sturdy cardboard and recycled fabric (pre-washed and starched) for each design. Every little girl wants to play with dolls, right? This way their play world is unlimited, and better yet, it’s all homemade, recycled, and creative.
Q: Do you take orders, or do you design the beds first and wait for customers to show interest in what you’ve already made? And do you ever sell to customers who live outside the US?
A:  I do sell both within and outside the US. I use the eBay Global shipping program. I do take orders, but when I get in a creative mood, I also design a few beds and post them for sale on my Facebook and eBay listings. Once the word gets out, people start to message me on Facebook and eBay for special orders. The special order customer has to specify the length of the dolls and type of doll, along with the color of the doll bed or theme. As an artist, I can start to create the project with all the information  the customer gives me. That’s the fun part! I love to create.
Q: How functional are your doll beds? 
A: All of my beds’ fabric is washable, and most pillows have removable pillow cases. I make my pillow cases and homemade doll quilts to fit the beds, along with a sheet and homemade doll pillows to match. I use all matching colors. My Victorian style is very popular. All bed frames are made with sturdy cardboard. Anything is possible, when it comes to my doll beds. So my beds are both creative and functional.
Q: What are some of your favorite embellishments to use on your doll beds? And how do you decide what types of notions to use with each bed project?
A: My favorite embellishments are  ribbons, lace, fabric flowers, and buttons. The notions I use are different for each bed. It depends on what I feel the project must have  for its theme.
Q: Where can doll enthusiasts find you online? 
A: They can find me on my “Kitina’s Flowers” Facebook page or my eBay store bokitina2012.  I will be making a website soon, which will connect with and post on my Facebook page.
Thank you for this wonderful interview, Kitina! I’m amazed by your handiwork, and I wish you lots of luck with your doll bed business.

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  1. Hello Kristina, I’m Lilly Rose’s husband, you would like a reborn baby, if you want one tell me, thank you.

    1. Hello Dupuis. I think you misunderstood the article I wrote. This isn’t Kitina Boswell’s website. Rather, I interviewed Kitina for an article on my website.

      You can, however, find Kitina on Facebook. But her name is tricky to spell. There’s no “R” in it.

      Here’s a link to her Facebook page:

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