Visit for free, printable sewing patterns. Image is of a towel-topper pattern. This is only one of two patterns for a towel-topper. The other free pattern is found at, along with a free tutorial video showing how to make the pattern.

Tea #Towel Topper #Pattern is free @ #GiftIdeas

Here’s the first of my two tea towel topper patterns. Tomorrow I’ll post Pattern 2, and on Friday, I’ll post the tutorial showing you exactly how to make these. I have to say, these are really pretty easy to make, as gift-worthy crafts go. During the month of November, I’ve been posting other holiday gift ideas, as well, like my Instagram pillow and my dragon … Continue reading Tea #Towel Topper #Pattern is free @ #GiftIdeas

Video tutorial header states "Instagram Pillow DIY"

As promised, here’s my #tutorial for making an Instagram #pillow. #handmade

That’s it! Now you have everything you need to make an Instagram pillow: Pattern 1 Pattern 2 (print with paper settings on “landscape”) and now the tutorial. Have fun sewing! ____________________ If you haven’t already, please check out my new Gallery Page, where you can pick an outfit for a doll, click on that picture, and the link in the caption will take you to all … Continue reading As promised, here’s my #tutorial for making an Instagram #pillow. #handmade

Image shows a very large pillow made of felt. It is designed to look like the retro Instagram logo.

What to buy a #teenager for #Christmas? Why buy, when you can #DIY?

For the rest of this week, I’m going to focus my blog posts on helping you create this adorable Instagram pillow. I made this for an adult cousin of mine, who loves to use Instagram. She really liked it! If you are wondering what to buy a young adult or teenager for Christmas, why buy? You can DIY! This week I’ll post my free patterns … Continue reading What to buy a #teenager for #Christmas? Why buy, when you can #DIY?

Image of baby dragon pin cushion in a sleeping position, with overlay that says DIY (do it yourself) dragon pincushion with free pattern. Sub-heading says, " FREE sewing patterns and tutorials"

Here’s how to make my dragon pincushion #DIY #HolidayCrafts #CraftTutorial

This tutorial goes with the two free, printable patterns, which I posted just yesterday. But in case you’re looking at this post through another online venue, and/or you’re not sure how to access the patterns for making this adorable little dragon pincushion, let me make it super easy for you! Here are the links to the patterns you’ll need, if you want to make this … Continue reading Here’s how to make my dragon pincushion #DIY #HolidayCrafts #CraftTutorial

The image shows a baby dragon pincushion curled up into a ball as if he's sleeping. The overlay tells you where you can download the free printable sewing pattern for making this dragon pincushion:

Free #Pincushion pattern for #ChristmasGift giving @ #dragon

Some of you may recall my dragon pincushion, which I posted six or eight months ago on this website. Well, Christmas is fast approaching, so I wanted to be sure to re-post some of my craft tutorials–in particular, the ones that make good Christmas gifts. Therefore, as I wrap up this week, I’m going to re-post the free patterns and tutorial for making this adorable little … Continue reading Free #Pincushion pattern for #ChristmasGift giving @ #dragon

#November is here, and with it #Christmas #Crafting begins!

During the month of November, I’m going to be participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). To free up my time to write my novel this month, I’m going to revisit a couple of older tutorials that might make great Christmas gifts: my Instagram Pillow and my dragon pincushion. I’ll also be adding one new pattern for everyone: the tea towel toppers found at the bottom … Continue reading #November is here, and with it #Christmas #Crafting begins!