Image shows a YouTube tutorial header with the title, "How to Sew Bias Tape." It features a photo of Mattel's Tall Barbie from the Barbie Fashionistas line. She wears a tie dye shirt with bias tape trim. Overlay offers the URL for this tutorial:

How to #Sew Bias Tape

  Last week I showed you how to design your own bodice. Did you notice, in that tutorial, that Moana’s bodice was decorated with a strip of blue? What was that blue stuff? It was bias tape! I often recommend learning to sew with felt, if you’re an absolute beginner. But the drawback to making dolls’ clothes out of felt is the fray factor. Felt is … Continue reading How to #Sew Bias Tape

Please visit for FREE printable sewing patterns and tutorials for making clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows the fabric of a doll's skirt trimmed in blue ric rac, which gives it a jagged, scalloped edge. The overlay says, "Ric rac questions answered" and offers the website:

What is rickrack trim? A #tutorial @ for #crafting w/#dolls

  With my vacation behind me, I’m gathering up some ideas to share in next week’s blog posts. So if you’ve been anxiously waiting new patterns and tutorials, hopefully you won’t be disappointed when next week rolls around. Meanwhile, I’m posting this video about rickrack trim. It offers a few creative ways to use rickrack that perhaps you hadn’t thought of! If you like my … Continue reading What is rickrack trim? A #tutorial @ for #crafting w/#dolls

Image shows a caucasian person's fingers holding fabric that has been decorated with an array of bright-colored flowers. Overlay says, "How to Buy Fabric" and offers the URL

How to Buy #Fabric for #Sewing #Dolls’ Clothes

I grew up in a family full of seamstresses. So to me, shopping for fabric was no more difficult than buying a piece of candy at a convenience store. But to the absolute beginner, the cutting counter at a fabric store can seem a little daunting. I designed this step-by-step guide for buying doll clothes fabric, keeping in mind that some people are brand new … Continue reading How to Buy #Fabric for #Sewing #Dolls’ Clothes

Visit for free, printable sewing patterns and tutorials for dolls of many shapes and sizes. This image shows a Polly Pocket doll waving her hand. She wears a gathered blue striped skirt and yellow felt tank top. The image also has overlapping words that say, "Easy-Sew Projects for Kids: how to gather fabric." The tutorial that goes with this image demonstrates for beginners how to gather a doll's skirt.

How to gather a #doll’s skirt @

Last Thursday I posted a video showing you how to design your own felt bodice. To turn your felt bodice into a dress, all you need is a skirt. This tutorial video will show you how to gather fabric for a skirt, so you can design your own “prom” or “quince” dresses for dolls of many shapes and sizes! You may be thinking, “Oh… is … Continue reading How to gather a #doll’s skirt @

The image shows a hand holding a strip of elastic, and at one end of the elastic, there's a safety pin attached through the elastic. Behind the hand is a swatch of colorful fabric on a wooden surface. The overlay says, "How to Pull Elastic," and the tutorial video demonstrates how to pull elastic through the waistband of a skirt or a pair of pants or a pair of shorts when sewing.

How to pull elastic through a casing when #sewing #dolls’ clothes

I’m on vacation this week, but while I’m gone, the blog is automatically posting some of the tutorials that I frequently mention in my videos. Today’s tutorial is one of the newer ones, but it is an essential skill to have whenever you make doll clothes that use elastic for the waistband. If you’re getting tired of all the re-posted material on my blog, you … Continue reading How to pull elastic through a casing when #sewing #dolls’ clothes

How to make #darts when designing an #EasySew #Felt #doll’s bodice

  Today’s video tutorial is original and all-new! Yes, I’ve been on vacation, so I’ve sort of put my blog on back-burner for a while. But today I’m showing you something new and wonderful! It’s a tutorial that gives you a brief taste of the methods I use for designing simple bodices, including how I design the darts. Sewists — followers on this blog especially … Continue reading How to make #darts when designing an #EasySew #Felt #doll’s bodice

The image shows a green piece of felt with a Dritz snap on it. The snap is being sewn on using a needle and thread. A person's thumbnail is included in the picture to demonstrate the tiny size of the snap. The overlay says, "How to Sew Snaps on Doll Clothes" and offers the URL where one can find this and many other free youtube tutorials on the topic of sewing doll clothes (including a number of tips and trips). is a website that offers free printable sewing patterns for doll clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes.

How to #Sew #Dritz Snaps on #Dolls’ Clothes @

The doll clothes pictured in this video are some I’ve been working with to re-design and re-develop lately. So watch for more on that! This is a re-post of one of the tutorials that is often mentioned in my videos. I’m re-posting it because I’m actually on vacation right now. Want to follow my vacation online? If I have any sewing adventures to share, I’ll … Continue reading How to #Sew #Dritz Snaps on #Dolls’ Clothes @