The image shows an enlarged whip stitch along the edge of a felt swatch which has been whip stitched onto cotton fabric. The whipstitch pattern is at a slight angle, and it uses red yarn to connect the two swatches (the cotton and the felt) to one another. Overlay states, "Whip Stitch" as this is the YouTube header for a tutorial video showing how to make a whip stitch using embroidery floss. This tutorial shows the stitching-by-hand method. It also tells the name of the blog where this instructional youtube whip stitch tutorial video can be found:

New Whip Stitch #Tutorial for Hand #Sewing and #Embroidery @

In today’s tutorial, I’ve mentioned a lighthouse pincushion. That free pattern is not yet available, but once I get the necessary stitchery tutorials completed, I’ll post that free pattern as well. My goal is to have the pattern for the pincushion posted well before Christmas, so you could make this pincushion and give it away to fellow sewists as a Christmas gift (if you celebrate … Continue reading New Whip Stitch #Tutorial for Hand #Sewing and #Embroidery @

Thi image shows a 14-inch or 15-inch doll wearing a hand-sewn shirt made of felt with tiny doll buttons (in the matching white color of the shirt) embellishing the front of the little doll's shirt. The doll is a Consuelo doll from the Hearts for Hearts Girls line of dolls, but this doll clothes sewing tutorial and the free printable sewing pattern for making the felt shirt are also marked to indicate that the free doll clothes pattern for this felt shirt will fit 14 inch dolls, 16 inch dolls, and 15 inch dolls. The URL is on the video's header: (a website that offers free printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes).

#Felt #doll shirt free #sewing pattern fits 14-inch, 15-inch, or 16-inch #dolls @

Here’s the tutorial showing you how to sew together the free shirt pattern that’s available at the link below: Free shirt pattern for basic felt shirt to fit 14-inch dolls like Hearts for Hearts Girls Free shirt pattern for basic felt shirt to fit 15-inch dolls like Wellie Wishers from American Girl doll company Free shirt pattern for basic felt shirt to fit 16-inch dolls … Continue reading #Felt #doll shirt free #sewing pattern fits 14-inch, 15-inch, or 16-inch #dolls @

The image shows a hand-made doll skirt in three different fabric patterns. One pattern is floral; another uses tiny rainbow-colored polka dots, and the third is pink with larger white polka dots. The dolls wearing these skirts are (in the same order as the description of each skirt) a 16-inch Velvet doll from the Ideal Toy Company (vintage doll from the 1970's), Consuelo the Hearts-for hearts girl doll who stands at 14 inches tall, and the 15-inch Wellie Wisher doll called Kendall (made by the American Girl doll company). The overlay on the photo says "Easy DIY doll skirt" and offers the website where the free patterns for making this back-to-school mini-skirt can be downloaded and printed for free.

Free back-to-#school skirt #pattern for #HeartsForHearts #Dolls @

Earlier this week I gave you the free patterns for sewing these adorable skirts, but just in case you missed those blog posts, here they are again: Pattern 1 for back-to-school skirt Pattern 2 for back-to-school skirt As you’ll see in the video, you need to cut out each pattern and tape them together before using them to measure your fabric for the skirt. If … Continue reading Free back-to-#school skirt #pattern for #HeartsForHearts #Dolls @

Image shows a little doll seated at her sewing machine. Behind her is a doll-sized ironing board. Her tiny, pale blue coffee cup sits at the ready near her sewing machine. The overlay says, " free printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes."

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My regular followers know that beneath each of my YouTube videos, there are links to a number of videos like this “How to Whipstitch” tutorial. These “basic stitchery” tutorials are designed to help you understand terms and concepts within each tutorial, like: How to print my FREE patterns How to sew snaps on fabric How to sew by hand How to tie a knot when sewing … Continue reading #Crafty #DIY Tips for #Crafters and People Who #Sew @

The image shows a printer that has paper in the back. A pattern for making a doll's handkerchief head covering is being printed at the front of the printer. The wording on theis youtube video's header says, "How to Print Patterns" and offers the URL (a website that offers free, printable sewing patterns for making doll clothes and other craft items).

How to Print #Sewing #Patterns for #Dolls’ Clothes @

Recently someone visiting this website politely asked me how to print the free doll clothes patterns on my website. I pointed them to the “How to Print Patterns” tutorial that’s in the margin (you have to have a laptop or desktop computer to see the margin). However, there were still questions after viewing the video I’ve provided. So I went back to view my own … Continue reading How to Print #Sewing #Patterns for #Dolls’ Clothes @

Please visit for FREE printable sewing patterns and tutorials. The image shows a Spin Master Liv doll fashion doll wearing an apron and standing beside her sewing machine. Beside her is a handmade doll dress on a 1:6 scale dress form mannequin and in the foreground, it says, "How to use a needle threader" with an arrow pointing to a cameo-style needle threader tool used by seamstresses and sewists. The URL provided on the image is

#Dolls’ #sewing #tutorial: How to use a needle threader #dolling video!

Aleah, here’s the video I promised you! Sorry I’m posting this so late, everyone. It’s 8:30 PM where I live, and I’m just getting the video finalized and posted. (Normally I try to post in the morning so everyone can view my post during the day, but I’ve been very busy this summer.) Hopefully this tutorial will come in handy for those of you new … Continue reading #Dolls’ #sewing #tutorial: How to use a needle threader #dolling video!

Please visit for free, printable sewing patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows a Curvy Made-to-Move Barbie modeling a felt top with lace straps. Overlay says, "Curvy doll's shirt DIY" and offers the website, the doll has pink hair and smiles pleasantly at the camera. This header is for a youtube tutorial video that shows how to make a doll's summer top out of lace and felt. It's a super easy tutorial video, and the free pattern that's found at is downloadable. The pattern will fit DC comics Super Hero Girls dolls, Mattel's Made-to-Move regular-sized fashion dolls, Mattel's Made to move curvy barbie dolls, fashionista line curvy barbies, and ideal's tammy dolls.

#Felt shirt for #Barbie #Dolls DIY video w/FREE pattern @

Here we have the tutorial video to accompany the free printable sewing pattern I posted yesterday. If you’ve been following along, you’ll remember that this free, printable sewing pattern fits Mattel’s Curvy Barbie, MTM Barbie, Made-to-Move Curvy Barbie, DC Comics’ Superhero Girls dolls, and vintage Tammy dolls from Ideal. You’ll see each of these dolls featured in today’s video. If you missed your opportunity to download the free printable sewing pattern for this … Continue reading #Felt shirt for #Barbie #Dolls DIY video w/FREE pattern @