Doll of the Day: Ideal’s Crissy Dolls

Here we see a vintage Crissy doll, made my Ideal, framed by a purple, blue, and white frame, upon which it says "doll of the day" and "ideal Crissy."
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Today’s “Doll of the Day” image is Ideal’s Crissy doll.

Do you have one? Do you wish you did?

Feel free to leave your thoughts and memories regarding these dolls in the comments section.

If you’re wondering why today’s blog post is so short, please read the blog post entitled, “Please keep me in your prayers!”

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6 thoughts on “Doll of the Day: Ideal’s Crissy Dolls

  1. My mom gave me a Crissy doll when I was 12 years old in 1978 from my older cousin’s house. The previous homeowner’s daughter must have had that doll. I was also given an African American Baby Crissy doll for Christmas in 1974.

  2. Always wanted a crissy doll as a kid but never got one so I found my first doll on ebay over 15 years ago and I now have over 100 crissy family dolls and have been sewing and restoring them since.

    1. Oh wow, Susan! Do you have a YouTube channel or other social media, where people who collect the Crissy family dolls can follow you? If so, feel free to leave it here in the comments!

  3. I’m 57 and received my Crissy, with the orange dress, when I was about 6-7 and LOVED her til I was about 12-13. I believe she was lost during a house move 🙁
    I was stoked to recently find out a g/f of mine has her doll along with Velvet. She was buying clothes on ebay and spending a small fortune. After discovering your patterns, I have been busy making some clothes to give as a gift. I am even trying to stay true to the era and have found some fabulous fabric.

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