Doll of the Day: Ideal’s Tammy Dolls

Here we see a vintage Tammy doll, made my Ideal, framed by a purple, blue, and white frame, upon which it says "doll of the day" and "ideal Tammy."
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Today’s “Doll of the Day” image is Ideal’s Tammy doll.

Do you have one? Do you wish you did?

Feel free to leave your thoughts and memories regarding these dolls in the comments section.

If you’re wondering why today’s blog post is so short, please read the blog post entitled, “Please keep me in your prayers!”

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8 thoughts on “Doll of the Day: Ideal’s Tammy Dolls

  1. I loved my Tammy Doll…Mom didn’t like Barbie for little girls. Prayers being sent and hope you are feeling better every day!

  2. My Mama had a Tammy and a Pepper because her mother didn’t approve of Barbie. Her aunt made beautiful clothes for them and when I was little sometimes Mama would let us play with it all. It was always so special.

  3. I have several Tammy and Tammy family dolls. I got my first one when I was about seven years old and still have her. She’s a made in Hong Kong Tammy but the ones sold in the USA were generally made in Japan I think. Canadian Tammy dolls were made by Reliable. I have some of each.

  4. I got my Tammy as an adult, after becoming a doll collector. I loved her sweet face and her beautfiul coloring. She is a blonde, but after someone else posted their brunette, I’m thinking I need one! Ha, I didn’t even know till yesterday that she came in any hair color but blonde! Hope you are well soon!

  5. Hoping you getting better and stronger everyday. And my memory of the Tammy is the fact that a very young age my cousins said I looked like Tammy’s little sister Pepper’s friend Dodi. Mental hugs and thoughts.

  6. Just to let you know that I’m thinking of you a lot and praying for you and all your family.
    I hope you get better and better.
    Thank you for all the little doll clothes you have so kindly given us for so long.
    I love your site and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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