Tape Measure Tuesday: Momoko Doll’s Measurements #MomokoDoll #SewingDollClothes

This is an infographic showing the exact measurements (in cm and mm) for a Momoko doll from Sekiguchi (Pet Works), including the doll's neck circumference, neck to shoulder seam measurements, collar to true waist, underarm to true waist, sleeve inseam, sleeve outseam, bust, waist, hip circumference, pants inseam, pants outseam, pants leg circumference, and height in both inches and centimeters.
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You asked me to bring back the “Tape Measure Tuesday” feature, so here is the first installment. In case you’re unfamiliar with Momoko Doll, she’s a Japanese doll, made by Sekiguchi (AKA Pet Works), and she stars in my stop motion video of Romeo and Juliet with Dolls as the lead female character, Juliet.

Although she has a bigger chest than Skipper, and she’s a little taller than modern Skipper dolls, she can wear most of my Skipper patterns, including the ever-popular Candy Corn dress that I often re-post around Halloween-time.

The image shows a Momoko doll dressed in a Halloween-print candy corn doll dress with cuffs at the end of long sleeves. She's in a tiny diorama with windows and wicker furniture. On the wicker table is a tea set. If you'd like to make the dress shown, please click on the link in the caption.

She’s a doll with a lovely face, and my Momoko happens to be the So Cute Marine doll.

Although she’s highly articulated, there are some glitchy things that have to do with her articulation. However she moves at the neck-head joint, wrist, elbow, shoulder, torso (just under her bosom), at the top of her thighs, at the knees, and at the ankles.

The image shows a So Cute Marine Momoko Doll from Pet Works Sekiguchi, and in this photo, she stands beside a metric measurements ruler. She has one hand on her hip and the other is slightly bent with her hand hanging loosely below the hip. She wears a coral colored tank top and coral underpants with a mint green elastic waistband. Her hair is tied up in a high pony tail with multiple rubber bands, to give us a better view of her figure. The Chelly Wood dot com logo appears in one corner.
Please visit ChellyWood.com for free printable PDF sewing patterns and tutorial videos for making doll clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and all different sizes.

In that front view, you can’t tell that it can be tricky to position her hands and arms in a way that looks natural.

Have a look at Figure A in the image below, and you’ll see what I mean:

On a turquoise blue fabric background, we see a segmented image with Figures A, B, C, and D. The figure A photo shows a Momoko Doll hand and arm. The arm looks like it's being bent backwards. The hand has an unnatural looking wrist. In figure B, Momoko doll's feet are in a pair of blue slippers, but Momoko's toes don't exactly poke out from under the bridge that's meant to cross over Momoko's foot. Also, her heel is several millimeters from the edge of the slipper's heel. In Figure C, someone has poked their finger inside a miniature red boot, and we can see that the plastic or rubber it's made from has a naturally-designed split running from the sole of the boot to the top of the boot. In Figure D, we see left to right, a pair of red Mary Jane style shoes with gold painted buckles and black soles; a pair of buff colored flats with ballerina slipper style and teeny-tiny painted-on ribbons above the toe area; a pair of red rubber boots with detailed stitching near the white and black sole of the boot.
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Figures C and D show some of the shoes I’ve bought for my So Cute Marine Momoko doll. The company that produces Momoko (Sekiguchi — also listed as PetWORKS in some instances) is creating some amazing, finely detailed shoes, boots, clothing items, and tiny accessories for these dolls.

As you can see in Figure C above, the boots open at the back to allow easy changing.

When I first bought my Momoko, she was only available on eBay because the company is located in Japan. However I’ve been seeing Momoko dolls and accessories on Amazon just recently.

It’s worth checking out, but be advised that when I do a “Momoko doll” search on Amazon, I get a lot of junk that’s not family-friendly. (I had better luck with the link I’ve provided here).

Unfortunately, Momoko’s adorable shoes don’t fit very many other dolls. And if you look closely at Figure B above, you’ll see that this little blue slipper doesn’t quite fit my Momoko doll’s foot.

That’s because it’s a shoe for a Flat-Footed Barbie from the 1980’s and 1990’s. You can buy these shoes for Flat-Footed Barbies from my friend Dodi, in her eBay store, Barbie 1959 Pink.

This image shows a smattering of printed doll clothes patterns laying on a turquoise-colored fabric with a mottled print.
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Momoko Sekiguchi Online Store

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  1. Thank you for bringing the dolls measurements back. I haven’t seen any original posts so this is all new to me and comes at a time when I have decided to make new clothes for some of my old dolls from my childhood. I was really struggling with sizing. So thank you. 😊

    1. Is there a particular doll you would like measurements for? I haven’t started my doll measurement infographic for next Tuesday, so I’m up for ideas. If I own the doll you need, I can easily do a post on that one in particular, on Tuesday, May 9th.

  2. Hi! looking forward to the new posts! If it’s not a bother, I have a suggestion for your consideration, it’s not an old doll, quite the opposite, but I’d really love to see a pattern for a new ILY 4ever doll – the new 11 inch ones, if you have any of those dolls. I recently got one and I’d love to give her come non-Disney outfits 🙂 Thank you for considering my suggestion, it’s just an idea 🙂

    1. Unfortunately, Meritre, I do not own an Ily 4ever doll, but I’ll watch for them to pop up at a second hand store. Meanwhile, these Tape Measure Tuesday features may help you decide which dolls will be able to swap clothes with your Ily 4ever doll. That way you’ll be able to use at least some of my free doll clothes patterns, in your quest to clothe your Ily doll in clothing you create yourself!

      1. Thank you for your reply! 🙂 I’ll look around to see what may suit them! you have a great pattern collection!

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