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Yes, my Creative Spark class, “How to Alter Doll Clothes Patterns” is now live on the Creative Spark platform. You can sign up any time you want!

Here are a few FAQ’s people have asked me about my paid course(s):

Will you be teaching any more classes for Creative Spark?

Yes! To see all of the courses I’m offering, click here on my Instructor’s Page.

Is the cost of the class a one-time fee, or will we be paying a subscription fee?

You will be charged a one-time fee. As I type this, though, my editor has told me that they’re working on a way to pay in two or three installments; but again, you’ll only pay one total cost. It’s not a subscription.

What will I learn in your “How to Alter Doll Clothes Patterns” class?

By signing up for the class, you’ll get access to more than 40 tutorials that show you:

  • How to alter pants, shirts, dresses, and skirts for dolls of any size or shape
  • How to re-size a pattern for a small doll, making that pattern fit a bigger doll
  • How to re-size a pattern for a big doll, so it will fit a smaller doll
  • How to correctly measure your doll for sewing purposes
  • How to use doll measurements to lengthen and shorten pants patterns
  • How to use doll measurements to design waistbands
  • How to use doll measurements to adapt sleeves
  • How to create a gusset when a dress doesn’t quite fit right
  • How to make skirts longer, shorter, fuller, and less full

Are there any downloadable “goodies” that you get when you take the class?

Yes, your class comes with printable pattern templates, a glossary of pattern making terms, and a printable measurement guide (so you will get your doll measurements right every time you measure a new or different doll).

How long do I have, to complete the coursework?

You have an indefinite amount of time to complete your coursework. Once purchased, you can take your time and watch the tutorials all at once, or over the course of a year or even several years.

You will be able to learn at whatever pace you’re comfortable with.

Can we ask you questions, as we work through the course tutorial videos?

Absolutely! You can send me pictures or email me questions, and I usually respond pretty quick. At most, you’ll only have to wait about a week or so to get a response from me. But honestly, I usually respond within about 24 to 48 hours.

What classes will you offer next?

As I type this, I’m starting the coursework for my next class, which will teach you how to design your own pants patterns from scratch. Sign up for my newsletter here on ChellyWood.com, sign up for the Creative Spark newsletter, or follow me on YouTube to get an announcement when that class is ready.

And as always, feel free to pinlike, or tweet about my class and this announcement information. Here’s an image you’re welcome to share on social media:

In this image, we see a woman's hands making an alteration to a pants pattern for a little 8 inch plush doll with jointed arms and legs. She works on a cutting mat with a pen, a pencil, a ruler, and two different paper patterns; one for pants and the other is a shorts pattern. The words say, "how to alter doll clothes patterns" and the URL for the class is also offered as follows: https://creativespark.ctpub.com/courses/alter-doll-clothes
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