Kwanza craft project: make a miniature Unity Cup @ #KwanzaaCrafts #KidsCrafts


This week I posted patterns for Kwanzaa doll clothes, including a free, printable poncho pattern. But what else does a fashion doll need for his/her Kwanzaa celebration? How about a unity cup?

This tutorial video shows you how to make a unity cup from three simple objects you can find around the house:

  • half of a nut shell
  • a bead connector
  • a slice of 3/4-inch dowel rod

After putting it together, if you want to embellish your Kwanzaa unity cup with tiny rhinestones, sequins, yarn, or other embellishments, there are lots of websites offering ideas for these types of decorations. The whole idea of the cup is to unify friends and family, so make this craft project a fun activity for everyone!

To learn more about Kwanzaa and its traditions, please visit The Official Kwanzaa Website. Happy Kwanzaa everyone!


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