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Are you looking for the patterns? Scroll down to the second set of bullets.

Today’s free pattern has existed here, on, for some time, and in fact, last month I gave you the simple version of the dress, without the teeny tiny buttons.

But today I wanted to show you how much miniature buttons can add to the look of a simple dress like this.

I used pink felt for my Kelly doll’s dress bodice and a tiny-print cotton fabric for the dress’s skirt. You’ll also need some very small size 1/0 Dritz snaps for the back of your doll’s dress.

Note that this dress also fits a couple of rare vintage dolls too — the early version of Strawberry Shortcake dolls, and the Heart Family baby dolls from Mattel.

It’s pretty exciting to post new patterns for those two! Especially since I’ve gotten requests for doll clothes to fit the Heart Family baby dolls, but this pattern is the first one I’ve ever posted for those older Mattel Barbie baby dolls.

Which dolls will fit these doll clothes?

Free patterns and tutorial videos for making this outfit:

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Here’s another photo of today’s project, which you’re welcome to share on social media:

Here we see a Kelly doll from the back. Her pony tail is prominent. She wears a miniature handmade dress with tiny snaps down the back. We can't really see the snaps in this photo; rather, they appear to be hidden under the felt bodice and cotton skirt. The only evidence that demonstrates there are snaps beneath the fabric is a tiny little notch of thread at the point where each snap is hidden behind the folds of the fabric. We're reminded that the patterns and instructions for making this dress can be found at by the presence of a watermark in the lower right corner of the photo.
Please visit for free printable sewing patterns for making clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and all different sizes.

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