Shorts and Summer Top for 17-inch Barbie #AmSewing #DollClothes

The image shows a Mattel Barbie Dreamtopia Endless Hair Kingdom 17" Doll wearing handmade clothes that include a red felt crop top (sleeveless) and a pair of polka dot casual shorts with an elastic waist. The watermark on this image says "ChellyWood" which reminds us to visit for free printable PDF sewing patterns for making this and other doll clothes outfits for dolls of many shapes and all different sizes. If you'd like to find free patterns and sewing tutorials for making these doll clothes (the shirt and shorts clothing pictured here) to fit your 17 inch Barbie Dreamtopia Endless Hair Kingdom doll, please click on the link in the caption.

Scroll down to the second set of bullets for the free PDF sewing patterns.

Would you like to make the outfit shown in the image above? This is a pretty easy summer outfit to sew for your 17 inch Dreamtopia Endless Hair Kingdom fashion dolls.

The elastic waist makes the polka dot shorts super easy to take on and off of the doll, so it’s ideal for small children to play with.

The shorts are made of multi-colored polka dot cotton fabric. The red craft felt  I used for the sleeveless shirt is pretty easy to find in any craft store.

I recommend Dritz size 3/0 snaps for your back closure on the felt top, and 1/8 inch elastic for the waistband of the shorts.

Today’s free printable PDF doll clothes sewing patterns will fit the following dolls:

And here are the patterns and tutorial videos you’re looking for:

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Here we see the JPG image of a felt sleeveless shirt pattern which will fit Lammily and some 17 inch fashion dolls. The shirt pattern has darts and fairly simple stitches. It offers a difficulty scale with two flowers, which indicates it's pretty easy to sew. Three dolls are shown wearing felt shirts made using this pattern: a Lammily doll, a Tonner fashion doll, and the brunette version of the 17 inch Endless Hair Kingdom Barbie dolls.
Please visit for free printable sewing patterns for making doll clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and all different sizes.

To read more about my free sewing patterns and tutorials, please visit the “Helpful Tips” page.

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