Helpful Tutorial Videos for Sewing Basics #HowToSew #DollClothes

Here we see an image of Chelly Wood (the Liv doll that has been re-designed to look like the doll clothing designer, Chelly Wood) standing in her tiny sewing room, with her Galoob sewing machine on her right and her miniature dress form on her left. Behind her is the sewing room's window. On her sewing table (along with her tiny sewing machine) is a coffee cup and a sewing basket. The dress form sports a little party dress made of white cotton with multi-colored miniature polka dots. The watermark reminds us to go to for all the free printable PDF sewing patterns and tutorials we need for making a wardrobe of doll clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and all different sizes.


Today’s blog post is designed to give you all of my “sewing basics” tutorials in one location. That way, if you bookmark this blog post, you can swing back here, any time you need to review how to do a baste stitch or how to sew snaps on fabric, or any of my other “sewing basics” tutorial videos.

By the way, many of these tutorial links are also on my Helpful Tips and FAQ’s page.

Some of these tutorials are quite old. Sorry about the lack of voiceover and the poor lighting/film quality in those. Maybe when I retire from my full-time job as a school librarian, I’ll re-do those older tutorials with my new studio lighting and video software.

Here are some of the tutorial videos you see mentioned in my videos most frequently:

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To honor the trademark rights of the doll companies mentioned in this blog post, I am including links to their websites here. Please feel free to visit their website and consider purchasing one or more of the dolls mentioned.

Liv dolls were products designed and distributed by the Spin Master company, which still makes dolls and toys today (although the Liv dolls are no longer in production at the time of this blog post). The Spin Master company held the trademark for the Liv Dolls (™). Please visit the Spin Master Toys and Games website to learn more about their company and its trademarked toys and games.

Please be aware that the “Chelly Wood” doll is a Spin Master Liv doll that has been re-painted and had its wig colored to appear to look like the real doll clothing designer, Chelly Wood. This was done as a creative project by Chelly’s daughters, and the Spin Master Toys and Games company was not involved in the doll’s makeover in any way.

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