What can you do with mismatched miniature buttons? Try this trick…

Today I’m sharing an older tutorial for making a Curvy Barbie crop top with embroidery floss fringe. Back when I made this video, I used to film on the kitchen table, so you can actually hear my kids and husband in the background. (Sorry about the noise…)

But there’s a gem at the end of this tutorial… I show you how to take a pile of mismatched buttons and cover them with fabric circles to make cloth-covered buttons. It’s a really neat trick!

So I hope you enjoy this walk down memory lane with me, as we go back to one of my earlier tutorials to see what treasures lie hidden here.

If you’re wanting to make the whole shirt, visit this page to download the free pattern (which has not yet been converted to a PDF), and if you want to understand why I give so many of my patterns away for free, please visit the Chelly’s Books page. And if you’re new to my website, there are quite a few helpful tips on the FAQ’s page.


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