Doll Photography Tip Number 2 @ Avoid Doll Antennas #DollPhotography #DollStagram

Because I’ve written an article on this topic for this month’s issue of Doll Castle magazine, I wanted to re-post my doll photography series during the months of February and March.

I should mention that in addition to being a school librarian in my day job, I’m also our school’s yearbook and journalism advisor, so I do teach middle school students how to take photos for our yearbook and our school newspaper.

I’m not sure that qualifies me for teaching the world at large about photography, but I have found that people tend to enjoy some of my nicer photographs.

Today’s topic is all about looking behind the doll you’re photographing, to make sure he/she doesn’t have accidental antennae. Yup. That’s a real problem with beginners. I see it all the time in my yearbook class.

I’ll send one of my yearbook kids to lunch with a camera, and he/she will return to class with 10 fair-to-good photos of kids eating hamburgers and 50 photos of kids who have obvious antennas!

Watch the video, and you’ll see what I mean…

And last but not least, the book Stunning Digital Photography, by Tony and Chelsea Northrup, was mentioned in my video. Here’s a link to that book on Amazon, in case you’re interested in buying it.

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