What was the first doll clothes pattern you remember sewing? Join the discussion on ChellyWood.com! #SewingChat #SewFun!

The image shows the Chelly Wood doll (it's really a Spin Master Liv doll that has had its face repainted and its hair dyed white-ish-grey) holding up a Simplicity doll clothes pattern #4883 for sewing a wardrobe to fit vintage Tammy dolls from Ideal Toy Corp. The article associated with this image asks blog followers to leave comments describing the first doll clothes pattern they learned to sew from as a child. Visit ChellyWood.com to join the discussion!

The pattern you see my Chelly doll holding up in the image above was the first doll clothes pattern I can remember sewing.

It’s a pattern for a vintage Tammy doll, but at the time, I didn’t own one. So I actually had to alter the pattern to fit my Barbie dolls. Thus began my long love of pattern making and alterations for doll clothes!

What was your first doll clothes pattern? And what do you remember about first learning to sew your own doll clothes?

Today’s blog post is asking everyone to join the discussion! Please leave a comment and share your memories about learning to sew.

11 thoughts on “What was the first doll clothes pattern you remember sewing? Join the discussion on ChellyWood.com! #SewingChat #SewFun!

  1. My mother wasn’t keen on me sewing on my own, but I remember designing doll and baby doll clothes out of Handi-wipes and Terry cloth eleatic coasters. The stretchy coasters were like strapless minis on my Barbies. I would pull strips from the Handi-wipes to use as belts to hold the nonsewn clothes on. I was also not allowed scissors until I was much older.

    1. Same! I used to make Barbie clothes out of scraps of fabric, and I’d cut a long strip to use as a belt to hold the whole “origami” doll clothes together!

      Thanks for sharing your story, Melissa. I love it!

  2. I was doing a sewing badge at Brownies And I made a T-shirt and trousers I was 8.
    Thank you so much for your free patterns they will be so helpful for me as a grandma to two granddaughters. Thank you again

  3. In 1971 my mother was sewing halter dresses and caftans out of Indian bedspreads for my sisters. I took a scrap and winged a halter dress and a drawstring bag for my Malibu Barbie. I then made a halter top for skipper out of some red fabric. I learned that my mom was very nice to let me sew on her machine. I got a toy sewing machine that Christmas, but it was kind of awful to sew with.

    1. I had one of those toy sewing machines back then, too, and they were not very user-friendly. I never used mine because the bobbin was always too loose and it was kind of a nightmare to work with on the whole. I’d venture to guess that children’s machines have come a long way since then, and parents today can buy pretty decent sewing machines for their kids to learn on.

  4. My very first doll clothes pattern was Mattel’s Sew Magic kit (remember the one that was used for the Sew Magic sewing machine?) to make outfits for Barbie and Ken. I made a blouse and skirt for my Tuesday Taylor doll, and a pair of pants for GI Joe.

    1. I had a Tuesday Taylor doll too. Ooh, she was so lovely!

      But as I recall, she couldn’t fit into regular Barbie patterns. She was too voluptuous! Did you have to alter your pattern to make the clothes fit Tuesday Taylor?

      I’m going to have to go look up that Sew Magic pattern. I gotta know more about it! Thanks for telling me about it…

    2. Okay, I’m back. I went and found that pattern on eBay. Did it have large gaps to help a seamstress pin the pattern onto the fabric?

      Very interesting…

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