Are you searching for free printable sewing patterns to fit Ideal Toy Corp's Tammy dolls? The doll clothes sewing website, offers free printable sewing patterns for vintage Tammy dolls and dozens of other dolls of all different shapes and sizes. This image shows a screenshot of the gallery page for Tammy doll patterns on the doll clothes sewing website.

FREE Vintage Tammy Doll Clothes Sewing Patterns

ATTENTION BLOG FOLLOWERS: Today’s blog post is part of the new 2019 website renovations. I’m working behind the scenes to make it easier to find the patterns you want. If you’d like to make one of the outfits shown in this gallery, just follow these directions: Click on the photograph of the outfit you’d like to sew. This will take you to a larger image … Continue reading FREE Vintage Tammy Doll Clothes Sewing Patterns

The image shows a Tammy doll (made by Ideal Toy Corporation) wearing a pair of handmade pants and a hand-sewn shirt. She stands next to a piece of furniture that is just her size, and it looks like a curio cabinet or china hutch. On this hutch are dozens of little tiny dishes with decorative paint, neatly arranged. The tammy doll's hair is drawn back in a pony tail. The wallpaper behind her is purple or lilac-colored. She looks at the camera with the forlorn eyes of the vintage Tammy doll, but it does look like she has been repainted with soft color to her lips. The fabric of her handmade pants is decorated with very small nautical print, showing sailboats, anchors, and very small red fish. The overlay explains where you can find the free printable sewing patterns for making this whole outfit:

#MeMade Monday: Pants for Vintage Tammy #Doll (Ideal Toy Corp.)

This week I’m going to give you the free pattern (and tutorial video) for making the nautical pants that my vintage Tammy doll is wearing in the photo above. This pattern also makes wonderful pajama pants for Tammy Dolls! Also, you can expect some changes here at, for the coming year. Hopefully these changes will make the blog more interactive! I’ve asked people to … Continue reading #MeMade Monday: Pants for Vintage Tammy #Doll (Ideal Toy Corp.)

#Elegant doll #dressPatterns are free @ #dollstagram

That’s a vintage Tammy doll (made by Ideal) wearing an elegant long dress with medieval-style pinafore and snood. I posted this pattern a very long time ago, but I noticed it was missing from my gallery page. So this week, I’m going to re-post these free patterns, plus the tutorials for making the long-sleeved gown, the pinafore, and the snood. It’s very similar in design for … Continue reading #Elegant doll #dressPatterns are free @ #dollstagram

Visit for free, printable sewing patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows vintage Tammy doll from Ideal wearing a hand-made sleeveless gown with tulle and cotton skirts in a hi-low style. She stands before a diorama-style photo of the Eiffel Tower, taken near its metallic criss-crossed base.

Start #sewing a high-low dress for your #vintageDoll w/free pattern from #TammyDoll

Yes, today I’m re-posting a pattern and tutorial that I posted a few months back. Again, I’m on vacation with my daughter in Paris, so I think it’s kind of fun to show pictures of dolls in Paris while I’m vacationing there. I hope you don’t mind the re-post. This dress also fits Mattel’s Curvy Barbie™ from the Fashionista line, along with the Ideal brand … Continue reading Start #sewing a high-low dress for your #vintageDoll w/free pattern from #TammyDoll

Image of Mattel's Curvy Barbie ™ wearing a tailored crop-top with embroidery floss fringe and floral-printed shorts. The outfit is in a lovely lilac-and-purple color. Overlay says, "Chelly Wood dot com: free printable sewing patterns and tutorials for dolls' clothes"

Preview of FREE #CurvyBarbie Shorts and Shirt #Patterns

Here’s a preview of the outfit I’ll be showing out how to make this week. The crop top is primarily designed to fit the new Curvy Barbie™ from Mattel’s Fashionista™ line. However, it can be altered to fit Lammily™, and my video will show you how to alter the pattern by creating cloth-covered buttons and embroidery floss loops that widen the top at the back: … Continue reading Preview of FREE #CurvyBarbie Shorts and Shirt #Patterns

Image of Curvy Barbie wearing a high-low dress. Overlay says, "free patterns for Curvy doll dress" and URL is offered:

Free printable #CurvyBarbie #DollClothes Patterns

Yesterday and the day before, I posted my free printable patterns for the high-low dress modeled by my Curvy Barbie™ and Tammy dolls in this video. The video shows you how to use my patterns to create a high-low dress of your own. The patterns can also be found under “Curvy Fashion Doll Clothes Patterns” on the Doll Clothes Patterns page (see link). Need help printing my patterns? … Continue reading Free printable #CurvyBarbie #DollClothes Patterns

Image of printable sewing pattern for shorts and a crop top (or dress bodice) to fit the Mattel Fashionista Curvy Barbie or Tammy Doll (from Ideal). Overlay says, " free, printable sewing patterns and tutorials."

#TheDollEvolves to wear my FREE #CurvyBarbie™ #DressPattern

Here’s the pattern for the bodice for the high-low dress that fits Mattel’s Curvy Barbie™ and my vintage Tammy doll. Yesterday I posted the skirt pattern, so you can make the lovely high-low dress that I showcased on Monday. Did you notice what other item of clothing is offered on this pattern? That’s right! Shorts! So you could create a crop top and shorts from … Continue reading #TheDollEvolves to wear my FREE #CurvyBarbie™ #DressPattern