DIY Scrunchie Hair Ties / Hair Elastics with Free PDF Sewing Patterns @ #PonyTail #HairStyles2021

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Today’s tutorial video shows you how to make a human-sized scrunchie hair tie or scrunchy hair elastic. I say “human sized,” because as most of my followers already know, this website specializes in doll-sized crafts and doll clothes patterns.

But I designed this hair tie pattern so I could give these hair scrunchies as gifts.

Imagine how fun these hair ties would be if you used Halloween fabric or even Christmas or Hanukkah fabric! I made these ones to give to my daughter for her birthday, so hopefully this craft project is giving you some fun ideas for the up-coming holiday season or gift giving.

Here’s the free printable PDF sewing pattern for making today’s craft project:

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The image shows two scrunchie-style hair ties with the overlaying words "hair elastic free patterns and tutorial" and the URL for the free patterns and tutorial videos is There's also an image of a young girl -- maybe pre-teen or teenage -- wearing a similar handmade scrunchy hair elastic.
Visit for free printable sewing patterns for making doll clothes and crafts, each of which comes with a free tutorial video.
The image shows one of two pages included in the free printable hair scrunchie (or scrunchy hair tie) sewing pattern that's available as a free printable PDF sewing pattern download at Visit for the free PDF pattern for scrunchie hair ties patterns and other craft patterns, plus the free printable sewing tutorial videos for making this and other craft projects.
Please visit for free printable sewing patterns for making doll clothes and craft projects.


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