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The image shows an A-line dress pattern designed by which shows three different dolls modeling the handmade doll dress. A 9-inch Mattel Stacie doll is shown wearing a handmade sleeveless version of the A-line dress. A 10" Disney Princess (Merida) doll is shown wearing a hand-made version of the A-line dress which has cuffs and puff sleeves. A Monster High / Ever After High doll is shown wearing a flutter-sleeve A-line dress. All three of these styles use the patterns provided on this pattern page. You can download the free printable PDF sewing pattern for making this dolls' dress (and many other doll clothes) at -- and the patterns are all FREE.
Visit for free printable PDF sewing patterns for doll clothes that will fit dolls of many shapes and all different sizes.

Well, today’s free PDF pattern (scroll down to the second bulleted list for the PDF) will fit a lot of different dolls, including but not limited to the following:

This pattern would make a fantastic Easter dress for your dolls! Which of these three fabrics would you choose for an A-line Easter dress? Feel free to leave a comment below the blog post!

Visit for FREE printable PDF sewing patterns for making doll clothes that fit dolls of many shapes and all different sizes. The image shows three pastel-colored print fabrics. In the upper left corner is a pink cotton fabric with tiny Easter Eggs printed on it in yellow, blue, and lavender colors of stripes and spots. In the upper right-hand corner is a rich yellow color with white spots that are dotted with tiny black spots inside, like a sort of teeny pair of eyes (but almost more like a Fleur de Lis than a face). On the bottom is a sleepy green color that's spotted with white miniature Dotted Swiss patterns. Please scroll to the bottom of the page where this image appears to learn more about each fabric. The website, once again, is
Scroll down to the bottom of the page to learn more about these fabrics.

Without further ado, here are the patterns and tutorials you’ll need to make this week’s free dress pattern to fit one of the dolls mentioned in the bulleted list above:

Would you like to know more about the Easter fabrics I posted a picture of above?

In the upper-right corner is a classic cotton Easter egg printed fabric. I bought this at North Coast Antique Mall, in Long Beach, Washington. This Antique store has lots of dolls for collectors of every kind, but my favorite room was stocked to the brim with antique fabrics!

The green keepsake calico cotton fabric with white dots you can purchase online at JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts. (Use the link there.)

But the yellow heirloom fabric with white and black splotches is a mystery to me. My daughter made a dress out of it, and she had a little left over. So she gave me some scraps for doll clothes projects. Does anyone know where she bought that beautiful and unusual fabric? If so, please leave a comment below!

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4 thoughts on “Free Printable PDF Sewing Patterns for Small Dolls’ A-line Springtime Dress @ #springtime #dollclothes

  1. Possibly the yellow material is from a flour sack. Do you think? In the late 1970s, I had opportunity to see real flour sacks in real use as flour sacks! I saved one, a yellow one, to make a very simple dust cover for my sewing machine.

    1. It’s certainly possible. I know that my daughter bought this material at JoAnn Fabrics here, in Idaho, but JoAnn’s has been running a lot of retro re-issued fabric design patterns in the past five or so years. So maybe they did a re-issue of a flour sack pattern.

      What a cool thought! Thanks for sharing your idea here!

  2. Hi! I’m interested in scaling up this pattern to fit a real person- with the measurement tool, is it supposed to be cut out and used that way, or is it meant to show you the scale of the pattern? I just need to know how many inches each side is.

    1. Wow! That’s an ambitious goal!

      The measurement tool is meant to help you print the pattern, especially if you have to print the pattern in portions. Most people living outside the USA use different paper sizes than we use in the United States. My measurement tool helps them decide whether or not they’ve printed the pattern correctly.

      Once you print, you lay a ruler down beside the measurement tool. If the ruler in your hand and the measurement tool “ruler” on the pattern match, you’ve printed the pattern correctly.

      That’s how my measurement tool works.

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