Let’s make a polar fleece stocking cap with #FreePatterns –It’s #PDFpattern #Wednesday @ ChellyWood.com

Image shows a lovely young woman wearing a handmade polar fleece hat and a handmade polar fleece scarf. Overlay says "chellywood.com FREE printable sewing patterns and tutorials" and offers the url ChellyWood.com (a website for tutorials and free printable downloadable sewing patterns).
Visit ChellyWood.com for free printable sewing patterns and tutorials.

Yesterday I gave you the tutorial for making the scarf you see my daughter wearing in the image above. Today I’m posting the free printable PDF sewing patterns for making the stocking cap she’s wearing.

Here are the free PDF patterns you’ve come here for, along with a link to yesterday’s tutorial video for making the scarf:

Tomorrow I’ll post the tutorial video showing you how to make the stocking cap.

These are a quick and easy sewing project which you can give as gifts to friends, family, and your Secret Santa buddies.

Are you lovin’ all this free stuff from ChellyWood.com? Please show your support by telling people about ChellyWood.com. That’s what the “Creative Commons Attribution” mark on my patterns means: you should tell people where you got all this great free stuff!

For my regular followers, yes this is a re-post. See Monday’s post to understand why I’m re-posting old patterns and tutorials.

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