Let’s sew a pair of doll shorts with a free PDF pattern! #ilovesewing for #dolls and #sewingforkids

This is an image of a pattern for sewing doll clothes like a V-neck shirt, shorts, and different sleeve lengths. The pattern is marked with creative commons attribution and the pattern's PDF version is available at ChellyWood.com however this pattern exists so that blog followers who use the free doll clothes patterns can easily share this image on social media.
Please visit ChellyWood.com for free printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes.

As we saw in Monday’s preview, we’re sewing a pair of shorts to fit a wide variety of dolls this week. These shorts will have a tiny pocket, and the pocket is included in this week’s free PDF pattern.

Tomorrow, as is my habit, I’ll post a tutorial video, showing you each step in the process of sewing the shorts, including a visual of which pattern pieces you’ll need to cut, and instructions for both aligning and sewing the pocket.

Here’s the PDF form of the pattern you’ll need for this week’s project:

Since we created the lace square-neck top with the shorter sleeves (Sleeve A on the pattern) just last week, I’m including that shirt pattern in the PDF download as well. To access that tutorial video, please click here.

If you would rather make the light green V-neck top in Monday’s preview pics, click here for that video.

Here’s an image that you can easily pin on your Pinterest boards:

This image is the graphic image of a pattern designed by Chelly Wood of ChellyWood.com. The pattern shows a Hearts for Hearts girl wearing the doll clothes made by using this pattern. The pattern is marked with a "creative commons attribution" symbol, and it includes instructions for seam allowances, printing, and more. It includes a measurement tool. On the same page that this image is shown, there's also a free printable PDF version of this pattern. The pattern can fit a number of dolls in the 13-inch, 14-inch, 15-inch, 16-inch, 17-inch and even 18-inch doll size range. (It will not fit 18-inch American girl dolls, but it will fit 18 inch Crissy dolls, 18" BFC Ink dolls, and similar-sized dolls.
Visit ChellyWood.com for free printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes.

Remember, because my patterns are marked with the Creative Commons Attribution symbol, you should tell where you got your patterns. Please share them on social media–but always tell people where they come from. Thanks!

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