#SewingBlogger Thursday: Let’s #sew a puff-sleeve dress for baby #dolls w/free patterns

This week’s baby doll dress sewing project requires the use of elastic around the base of each sleeve. That’s not as tricky as sewing a coat zipper into a lined hoodie or aligning grommets between the layers of a lined silk corset, but I wouldn’t say this dress project is for beginners either.

If you look at the free printable PDF sewing pattern (below), you’ll see that I’ve given the project three flowers on my difficulty scale. That’s just because working with sleeves is challenging enough for beginners, so working with elasticized sleeves can be a wee bit more challenging than what a beginner is used to.

So bear that in mind if you decide you want to make this week’s lovely puff-sleeve dress for baby dolls. Are you brave enough to take on this challenge? If so, here’s the pattern you’ll need:

Looking for something easier? Go to Monday’s post and scroll down to see a couple of my older projects for 12-inch baby doll clothes.

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