#PDFpattern Wednesday: download a free Tammy #doll shirt pattern @ ChellyWood.com

The image shows a PDF pattern for a simple tank top-style shirt for Tammy dolls (Ideal Toy Corporation). This free, printable sewing pattern for Tammy doll clothes was created by Chelly Wood, the doll clothes designer at ChellyWood.com, using the Creative Commons Attribution mark. Please show your appreciation for this free printable pdf or MS word pattern by sharing it on social media and notifying your followers where you found this pattern.
Please visit ChellyWood.com for FREE printable sewing patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes.

Last week I gave you the free, printable sewing patterns for making the shorts and pajama pants shown on this pattern. This week I’m sharing my PDF download and MS word version for this free printable shirt pattern, which fits Ideal Toy Corp’s Tammy doll.

Here are the patterns for easy download:

Tomorrow I’ll post my easy-sew tutorial, showing you how to make this shirt–quick and easy–out of felt!

Remember, it’s always friendly and kind to share the love! Share this pattern on your favorite form of social media, and tell your followers where you found it! Thanks!

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