#MeMade Monday: Pants for Vintage Tammy #Doll (Ideal Toy Corp.)

The image shows a Tammy doll (made by Ideal Toy Corporation) wearing a pair of handmade pants and a hand-sewn shirt. She stands next to a piece of furniture that is just her size, and it looks like a curio cabinet or china hutch. On this hutch are dozens of little tiny dishes with decorative paint, neatly arranged. The tammy doll's hair is drawn back in a pony tail. The wallpaper behind her is purple or lilac-colored. She looks at the camera with the forlorn eyes of the vintage Tammy doll, but it does look like she has been repainted with soft color to her lips. The fabric of her handmade pants is decorated with very small nautical print, showing sailboats, anchors, and very small red fish. The overlay explains where you can find the free printable sewing patterns for making this whole outfit: ChellyWood.com.
Please visit ChellyWood.com for FREE, printable sewing patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes.

This week I’m going to give you the free pattern (and tutorial video) for making the nautical pants that my vintage Tammy doll is wearing in the photo above.

The image shows a Tammy Doll (made by the Ideal Toy Corp) wearing handmade pajama pants and a handmade shirt. She stands in a 1:6 scale diorama with a doll-sized window behind her and a china hutch leaning up against the wall behind the doll. The overlay says, "ChellyWood.com: free patterns and tutorials for doll clothes"
Please visit ChellyWood.com for FREE printable sewing patterns and tutorials for doll clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes.

This pattern also makes wonderful pajama pants for Tammy Dolls!

Also, you can expect some changes here at ChellyWood.com, for the coming year. Hopefully these changes will make the blog more interactive!

I’ve asked people to give me their opinion about what they want from the ChellyWood.com blog, and the responses have been very helpful. I’ve also looked through my emails from 2018 to see what kinds of questions my followers frequently ask. I’ve been using this data to help me redesign my blog (a project which is still going on behind the scenes).

There seem to be a lot of sewists who need doll measurements. They want to know, for example, whether Tammy doll can wear Curvy Barbie clothes, or whether Strawberry Shortcake dolls would fit better in Chelsea clothes or Stacie clothes.

People also ask me: “Do you have any patterns in PDF format?” And from time to time, I get questions like, “Where do you find your doll zippers?”

So to address the needs and wishes of my followers, I’m going to step up my blogging game a little. Here’s what I have in mind:

#MeMade Monday => As always, I’ll preview the project I plan to post for the week ahead. But I’d like to invite followers to also post pictures of their own doll clothes on Twitter, under this same hashtag. That way I can see and comment on the projects you’re working on too.

#TapeMeasureTuesday => I will take the sewing measurements of a doll and post it here. But I also invite others to use this hashtag on Twitter, to show what clothes will fit on what dolls. Take pictures of your Curvy Barbie in Tammy doll clothes, for example, and post these on social media.

#PDFpattern Wednesday => I will post my free patterns as before, but include a PDF download. I haven’t tried this yet, so hopefully I’ll be successful with it this week. Let me know if you have trouble downloading the PDFs, okay?

#SewingBlogger Thursday => I will post the tutorial videos that go with the week’s pattern(s).

#FridayFollow => Who, in the world of sewing, doll collecting, and dioramas am I following lately and why? Feel free to leave comments about who you follow in the same or a similar category.

Okay followers… tell me what you think! Are you looking forward to some of these changes?

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