Image shows a lovely young lady wearing a hand-made stocking cap, sewn from polar fleece. the image is embedded within a simple FREE printable sewing pattern that is simply called, "Polar fleece stocking cap free patterns" and on the pattern itself, it says, "folded hat band". The pattern is marked with the Creative Commons Attribution symbol. It also offers a measurement tool for easy printing. The website where this pattern comes from also offers free tutorials showing how to make the polar fleece stocking cap (also known as a tuque / touque or beanie hat). There is also an accompanying tutorial at showing how to make the polar fleece scarf that accompanies this hat pattern.

FREE Printable #Sewing Patterns for #Tuque or #Beanie (Stocking Cap)

Here’s the second free printable sewing pattern for making my easy-to-sew stocking cap (also called a beanie or –in Canada– a tuque /touque). I used polar fleece for my stocking cap, and fleece is a very easy fabric to work with. This pattern project is listed as having three flowers, on my difficulty scale. So it’s not particularly hard to make, but it’s not for … Continue reading FREE Printable #Sewing Patterns for #Tuque or #Beanie (Stocking Cap)